Holy cross

Women’s tennis honors Yaloz and cruises to 7-0 win over Holy Cross

BOSTON- After recognizing senior Shelly YalozBoston University women’s tennis team earned a 7-0 victory over Holy Cross on Sunday afternoon at the Track & Tennis Center.

With their fifth shutout of the season, the Terriers improve to 9-7 (2-0 PL), while the Crusaders drop to 5-11 (0-5 PL).

BU swept all three doubles matches without losing a single match for the first point, then captured all six singles points by winning 72 of 81 matches played.

First-year student Michelle Kleynerman teams up with a second Victoria Carlsten for a 6-0 win at the No. 2 doubles, then posted a 6-0, 6-0 victory in the No. 3 singles slot. Carlsten won 12 of 13 matches in his No. 1 singles win, a feat matched by junior Steph Nguyen in slot 4.

Yaloz and second year Kaitlin Tan teamed up in doubles for a 6-0 Row 1 win, while freshmen Sydney Sharma and Nina Gulbransen picked up a 6-0 win at line 3.

Gulbransen (#6) with the juniors Erica Di Battista (#2) and Sofia Kostirko (#5) completed the shutout with three more singles wins.

The Terriers then travel to Army West Point for two games next weekend where they will face both Lehigh (April 9) and the Black Knights (April 10).

Boston University – 7, St. Croix – 0

1) Victoria Carlsten (BU) defeated. Maddie DeNucci (SC): 6-0, 6-1
2) Erica Di Battista (BU) def. Ahana Nagarkatti (HC): 6-1, 6-3
3) Michelle Kleynerman (BU) def. Jasmine Rahman (SC): 6-0, 6-0
4) Steph Nguyen (BU) def. Elizabeth Gibbons (SC): 6-0, 6-1
5) Sofia Kostirko (BU) def. Caroline Fredey (CH): 8-2
6) Nina Gulbransen (BU) def. Meg O’Melveny (CH): 8-1

1) Shelly Yaloz / Kaitlin Tan (BU) def. Maddie DeNucci/Ahana Nagarkatti (HC): 6-0
2) Kleynerman/Carlsten (BU) def. Rahman/Gibbons (HC): 6-0
3) Sydney Sharma / Gulbransen (BU) defeated. Elena Olsen/Hanna Beck (HC): 6-0