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Women’s tennis beats Holy Cross in playoffs ahead of quarter-final loss – The Lafayette

Last Thursday, women’s tennis (5-12 overall and 1-5 Patriot League) faced Holy Cross in the first round of the playoffs, allowing them to advance to the quarter-finals the following day. With a total of six singles wins and another doubles win, Lafayette won 4-1.

Senior Maureen McCormack was one of the winners of the singles matches.

“We played at Holy Cross in the regular season so we knew what we had to work on,” McCormack said. “There was a lot of emphasis on doubles play and a lot of practice to get points under pressure. This way, when we were faced with many pressure points, you would know how to overcome this challenge.

Junior Halle DeNardo and McCormack mentioned that team cohesion was also an important aspect of tournament preparation. Morale was high and it paid off.

“We also just spent a lot of time together as a team, whether on or off the field, to put ourselves forward and get in the right mindset as a team going into the game,” DeNardo said. “I kept fighting for the team so that we could win the game and move on to the next round.”

McCormack successfully defeated his opponent Holy Cross in straight sets, with the scores 6-2 and 6-4.

Junior Jess Siegel beat her singles opponent 6-2, 6-1.

“[Siegel] had one of the best games that day,” McCormack said. “She actually won the game for us on the third row, and it was just a really good game she was in. Just to see her dig for the team was just remarkable.”

DeNardo also partners with Siegel in doubles.

“Personally any win, or just playing in general, with my doubles partner Jess Siegel is memorable and I felt like we both played really well in our doubles match against Holy Cross,” said DeNardo.

DeNardo beat opponent Holy Cross 2-1 in singles. In doubles, Siegel and DeNardo defeated Holy Cross 6-1.

Both DeNardo and McCormack credited rookie Olivia Boeckman, who allowed just one run in straight sets. According to McCormack, Olivia had a tough match but fought hard and eventually emerged victorious. Boeckman won 6-0 and 6-1 in her singles match.

“Boeckman played really tough singles and they were really tough,” McCormack said. “Holy Cross created a really big fire and gave us a hard time, but she dug it in for the win.”

Two more matches in the singles round were contested by juniors Melanie Sparhawk and Eleanor Campbell. Sparhawk won 6-1 and 6-4. Campbell swept the opener 5-0 before his opponent forfeited and posted a DNF (did not finish).

The tennis team’s season ended after the quarter-finals the following day. Lafayette took on the number one seed from Boston University on the Ulrich Varsity Tennis Courts in Lehigh. After losing every set, Lafayette lost with the final score of 4-0.

The team will turn to summer training before the start of its regular season this fall.