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When the Holy Spirit Winks – Catholic Telegraph

I had some trouble with the Holy Spirit in my day and thought that this month in which we celebrate Pentecost would be a great time to share what this Holy Breath is up to.

For the most part, we seem to meet a third of the Trinity at our confirmation and then every year for an hour on Pentecost Sunday. However, my friends, Spirit is on duty 24/7 in our daily lives. After all, Jesus warned us that he would come: “I will send a lawyer. We live shoulder to shoulder with this Divine Spirit. It’s just that we overlook his movements as coincidence, luck, or take credit for his wonderful works. As we celebrate this season of Pentecost, let’s begin by taking a closer look at what the Holy Spirit is doing in our lives:

First, the Spirit inspires and demands. The Holy Spirit leads us to do wonderful things that would not normally enter our mind. Once the idea is planted, that same Spirit demands that we continue the inspiration to the end. (“Age quod agis,” the sisters would say.) You suddenly remember a task at hand in church, decide at the last moment to send a note to a single mother alone, and so on.

In my life, it happened that a dear friend who lives in Arizona, Christine, came to mind one day not long after her husband died. So I called her and as she said hello to me I could tell she was crying. She said to me: “How did you know how to call? I’m rummaging through Joe’s clothes. I discovered her favorite sports coat. He still has his scent. I hold him close to me and I am sitting on the floor crying and I miss him. We talked for a long time. I listened as she poured out her heart. It was this old Holy Spirit that made me call him for sure!

Then there is the Spirit who puts words in our mouths. You’re nervous to say a word of correction to your son and somehow you’re just saying it. You are attending the funeral of a child and you are wondering how to offer your condolences to the parents. You catch yourself speaking beautifully, better than you might have imagined. It is the Spirit who comes to the rescue as we give our voices to his voice. The preachers experience this with their charisma. They wrote a great homily, and for some reason they put the paper down and preached something completely different. This second homily is powerful – it moves the church forward beyond anything written on that well-prepared paper. They are starting to have more confidence in the Spirit who is the real preacher, “Don’t worry about how you’re going to speak or what you’re going to say. What you have to say will be given to you at that time ”(Matthew 10:19).

In my own situation, I am often as surprised as you are by the content of these articles. As Saint Teresa of Calcutta said: “I am the pencil. God writes. So it is with each of us. We just have to let go of the controls and allow Spirit to speak through us.

Finally, the Spirit likes to remind us with a good wink that he is very involved in our lives. A blink of an eye is that moment when something happens that looks like a coincidence. Three people tell you that you need to read a new spiritual book and find it on your desk a few days later. Aunt Tillie dies and you inherit $ 500. The following week your car breaks down and the repair costs $ 500.

I will never forget one of my favorite nods to God. I was traveling to Mountain Home, Ark., To preach a parish mission with a companion priest. As we were passing through the small town on the way, my father asked me for the chapter and verse of the quote from Jeremiah: “I am well aware of the plans I have for you. I told him I had no idea. I am a Catholic and we do not know the verses of the Bible. Just then we pulled up to the only small town red light behind an old junk with “Jeremiah 29:11” on the bumper. We were both sure we heard the Spirit laughing!

So that Holy Spirit continues to inspire and demand, put words in our mouths and wink at us. Take advantage of the season of Pentecost this year and begin to watch the appearances of the Spirit.