Holy spirit

What is the Holy Spirit and what does he do?

“The Holy Spirit enlightens people’s minds, makes us yearn for God, takes spiritual truth and makes it understandable to us.” –Billy Graham

The Holy Spirit is a beautiful and powerful part of who God is. We need him in our lives as a conduit to become what God created for us, and through his power we have help in every situation. Without Him we are helpless.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

Our first encounter with the Holy Spirit is when He convicts us of our sin, shows us that none of us can live up to the righteousness of Jesus, and reveals to us the judgment that falls on those who die. without a Savior (John 16:8-11). When we repent, confess our sins, and receive the gift of salvation, the Holy Spirit regenerates our dead inner human spirit which now becomes sensitive to the spiritual things of God (John 3:1-16; Acts 2:38).

There is a second work of the Holy Spirit when He baptizes a believer (Acts 2:1-4). It is available to all (Acts 2:39) and a gift of power, helping the believer to live a holy life. By the power of the Holy Spirit, the Helper, we become more like Jesus and are directed to do the will of the Father. Moreover, the gift is primarily intended to empower others to witness (Acts 1:8).

We are encouraged to ask the Holy Spirit to fill us regularly. When you feel worn out or need strength, ask Him to replenish you (Ephesians 5:18).

It is not enough to exist with the conviction that the Father and the Son are primary and that the Holy Spirit is secondary. They are equal and work in harmony with each other. The uniqueness of the Holy Spirit is his presence in us. Jesus said before ascending to heaven that the Holy Spirit would come and dwell in us as a believer. With this, He empowers us to live victoriously for the cause of Christ and the glory of the Father.

Here are 10 supernatural ways the Holy Spirit wants to give you today.

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