Holy cross

UConn takes on Boston College, Holy Cross

WORCESTER, Mass. – Competing for the second day in a row, the UConn women’s rowing team put together several strong efforts against Holy Cross and Boston College Sunday morning on Quinsigamond Lake.

Boston College won all four events on the day, while UConn finished second in V8 and 2V8. The V8 (7:03.07) opened the day beating the Crusaders for second place by more than five seconds, and the 2V8 (7:24.17) also took second place on Holy Cross by an 11-second margin.

“I’m proud of the way the team raced today at Worcester,” said the head coach Jennifer Sanford. “We had a plan for each boat of what they were trying to improve on from yesterday’s races, and most were able to execute their plan well. We’ll be setting new goals for the coming week, trying different formations and see what we can put together for next weekend.”

UConn will prepare for another doubleheader against Bucknell and Villanova on Saturday, April 16 in Pennsylvania.


Helmsman: Tavakoli

Stroke: Sampson

3: Cronin

2: Adamo

Bow: Dean


C: Esparca

S: Pinckney

7: Sachs


5: O’Neill

4: Tower

3: Lucas

2: Karovic

B: Nanai


C: Cahalane

S: noble

7: Luby

6: Mulkerrins

5: Gevorkyan

4: Johnson

3: Harris

2: Payer

B: Orphans


C: Illindala

S: Roden

7: Easier


5: Louis

4: Peters

3: La Prade

2: Blacksmith

B: Thibaut

4V8 (in race 3V8)

C: Lutolf

S: Lazor

7: Williams

6: Helmin

5: Flynn

4: Mullin

3: Beaulieu

2: brown