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The Ministries of the Holy Cross Family open the Museum of Family Prayer on September 15

The museum offers a unique and interactive prayer experience using digital media for the whole family to live together. The museum is expected to attract pilgrims who will be visiting the museum for spiritual reasons, as well as visitors and guests who want to learn more about prayer.

It will provide a lively and interactive experience for those who visit to touch, listen and look, reflect and pray.

“Our job is to educate, inform and celebrate the mission of the Father Patrick peyton as well as educating and enlightening those who travel here to learn more about the power of prayer, “ said Father Willy Raymond, CSC, president, Ministries of the Holy Cross Family. “In order to engage in this tech-filled world, the Family Prayer Museum is filled with powerful images, digital and audio media, and projected prayers to show that people in every corner of the world are praying – Catholics , other Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and others, this common point unites rather than divides.The museum is open to all, of all faiths.

The Museum of Family Prayer shares the power of family prayer through cutting-edge interactive, educational, reflective and immersive opportunities through exhibits, graphics, multimedia content, a family room and a chapel creating a lively and interactive experience allowing guests to touch, listen and look, reflect and pray, all with an emphasis on the prayer and works of Father Peyton. Guests can see and hear audio and video messages about the Blessed Virgin Mary and relax in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

Father Peyton, known as the “Priest of the Rosary”, continually reminded families around the world that “The family that prays together stays together”. Father Peyton’s ministry is still strong and vibrant and, after more than 70 years, continues to support families in 17 countries. The museum is a showcase of his vision, his work and of course the power of prayer.

“In today’s world, prayer is needed more than ever,” says Father Willy. “We continue the legacy of Father Peyton by promoting the power of prayer. We hope that the Museum’s multimedia experience will appeal to those seeking inspiration, exploration and connection.

The museum explores the roots of prayer, the Rosary and an exploration of the early years of his father Peyton’s life and seminary to his time in Hollywood on the radio, working with cinema and its links with Hollywood stars.

A true prayer destination for pilgrims and guests alike, the museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and entry is free.

About the Ministries of the Holy Cross Family
Ministries of the Holy Cross Family (HCFM) is a family of Catholic ministries that inspire, promote and foster the prayer life and spiritual well-being of families around the world. Through Family rosary, Family theatrical productions, Father Peyton Family Institute and Catholic mom, they provide families with a variety of prayer activities, resources and media to support family spirituality and now offer guests, pilgrims and others to experience the Museum of Family Prayer: a contemporary experience of the ongoing ministry of Father Peyton at North Easton, Mass. HCFM helps families pray together through media including movies, television, radio, apps, internet video content, and social media. Its goal is to pursue the founder’s mission and vision. Dad Patrick peyton, SCC. www.MuseumOfFamilyPrayer.org

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