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The Holy Spirit fully alive

An artist’s depiction of a Pentecost scene appears in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. CNS photo / Cruises

We have just experienced Pentecost in our Catholic Christian faith, which is the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Christ. Originally, the feast day signified the coming of the Spirit in the form of tongues of fire upon the frightened and discouraged followers of Jesus, as they huddled together not knowing what their next move was. should be.

They were disciples of Jesus and they allowed him to lead them. Now that he had ascended to the Father, they felt so alone, lost and uncertain.

How many times do we feel like this? Becoming fully adult, especially an adult with a mature life of faith, means we are prepared and ready to take the lead, lead the way, and guide those who follow us. Rarely do we feel ready for such a position, even if we find ourselves in such a situation. We can look around us and wonder who will guide and inspire us. One wonders who will give us the steps to follow to be sure to go in the right direction.

We all know that as adults we hope to have gained the wisdom and insight needed to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit in our head and heart and have a deep and clear awareness of what that next step should be. . There’s a saying that goes, “Just do the next right thing.” If we can take each day, devote ourselves to doing the next right thing, to making the next right choice, we can trust that we are following the way of Jesus, who always provided the next right step for his apostles and disciples, even when it meant going to the cross.

Jesus did not compromise his message, and neither do we. We need to know who we are as Catholic Christians, what is in our Catholic identity, and then follow Catholic doctrine, which is in Catholic social teachings. These teachings ideally help us to develop critical thinking skills, which in turn lead to leadership skills in life, which help us to become a virtuous person. If we refuse to compromise, we will likely find ourselves outside of a group, due to our willingness to speak up and stand strong in defense of our faith.

ACTION CHALLENGE– Make time for your faith this month. Summer may be a relaxing time in our lives, but our faith never takes a vacation. Be an active person of faith this month.
– As our pastor, Father Peter Williams says at St. Ambrose, “There are no sleeper cells in Christianity!

Catholic Christians have a beautiful testimony in the more than 10,000 saints who have been canonized. We should be able to identify someone we resonate with and learn more about them and their courageous acts in the name of faith. When you find saints who speak to you, take time to learn more about them and their lives, so you can pray to them for inspiration, guidance, comfort, and encouragement. We are a faith celebrated in community. It is this community aspect that we are encouraged to animate and build every day.

During this first month of summer, commit to attending mass every week, even if you are on vacation. Make time for personal prayer each day. Throughout this month, read an inspiring book to contemplate the sacraments, a book about the life of your chosen saint, or take time with Our Lord in the Adoration Chapel. We are the people who bring Christ into the world in which we live. We must make a concerted effort to demonstrate that the Holy Spirit is fully alive in us and to shine in our world today. Be a beacon of light wherever you go and encourage others to courageously live their faith.

Soucheray is an Emeritus Certified Marriage and Family Therapist and Fellow of St. Ambrose of Woodbury.

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