Holy spirit

The Holy Spirit enables our encounter with Jesus

“I too kneel in the streets of Myanmar and say stop the violence! I too stretch out my arms and say: let dialogue prevail! ”. “Blood doesn’t solve anything. May dialogue prevail ”.

Vatican City (AsiaNews) – The Holy Spirit “reminds us of Jesus and makes him present to us, so that he does not become a historical figure”, he gives us the opportunity to meet him and to turn to God in ‘calling’ Abbà ‘, Father. Prayer as a relationship with the Holy Spirit was the theme of Pope Francis’ general audience today, concluding the cycle of catechesis on prayer.

At the end of the audience, Francis spoke again about Myanmar. “Once again and with great sadness, I feel the urgency to talk about the dramatic situation in Myanmar, where so many people, especially young people, lose their lives to offer hope to their country. “Pope Francis said at the end of his weekly general audience.” I too kneel in the streets of Myanmar and say stop the violence! I too stretch out my arms and say: let dialogue prevail! “said the Holy Father.

Previously, in the audience, still broadcast from the library of the Apostolic Palace, Francis had said that the Holy Spirit “is the Gift” that Jesus promised to send to us. “It is not one of the many gifts, but the foundational gift.”

“Without the Spirit – he added – there is no relationship with Christ and with the Father. Because the Spirit opens our heart to the presence of God and draws it into this” whirlwind. “of love which is the very heart of God. We are not only guests and pilgrims traveling on this earth, we are also hosts and pilgrims in the mystery of the Trinity. We are like Abraham who, one day, , welcoming three travelers in his tent, met God. If we can truly invoke God by calling him ‘Abbà – Papa’, it is because the Holy Spirit dwells in us, it is he who profoundly transforms us and us. makes one experience the moving joy of being loved by God as true children ”.

The Holy Spirit makes Jesus present to us. “In the Spirit everything comes to life: the possibility of meeting Christ is open to Christians of all times and places. Not just to remember him as a historical figure. He is not far away, he is with us: he still educates his disciples by transforming their hearts, as he did with Peter, with Paul, with Mary Magdalene ”. And “the first task of Christians” is to keep alive the “fire that Jesus brought on earth (cf. Lk 12:49), that is to say, the Love of God, the Holy Spirit”.

“Without the fire of the Spirit, prophecies are extinguished, sadness supplants joy, habit replaces love, service turns into slavery. The image of the lamp lit next to the tabernacle, where the ‘Eucharist is celebrated. Even when the church is empty and evening falls, even when the church is closed, this lamp stays on, continues to burn: no one sees it, yet it burns before the Lord. So the Spirit in our heart ”.

The Pope concluded: “Often we don’t pray, we don’t want to pray or we don’t know or often we pray like parrots with our mouths but our hearts are far away. This is the time to say to the Spirit: “Come, come Holy Spirit, warm my heart. Come teach me to pray, teach me to look at the Father, to look at the Son. Teach me what the path of faith looks like. Teach me to love and above all teach me to have an attitude of hope ”. To call on the Spirit continually to be present in our lives ”.