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The Holy Rosary of Antioch Celebrates the Class of 2020 | Features

Holy Rosary School, entering its 65th year of Catholic education, is steeped in tradition.

The graduation ceremony for eighth grade is one of them. The pandemic that brought the world to a halt didn’t stop graduation for this class of 2020.

With shelter-in-place and social distancing orders, Principal Fely Fajardo made sure the Class of 2020 would have its moment to celebrate.

“My favorite moment for an eighth grade class is finding out what they will bring as a first to Holy Rosary School,” Fajardo said. “This class had many first-timers at Holy Rosary School. They were the first class to have two new homeroom teachers, Mr. Crisologo and Ms. Lejano. We were so blessed to have them lead of the class of 2020. The class had its first retreat at Camp Hammer in Big Basin where the students developed their class standards and a relationship rooted in Christ as they embarked on their eighth grade journey. Then COVID19 Happened and everything from March 16 became a first for this class of 2020.”

Milestones and traditions that define eighth grade have turned into virtual technology experiences, from May’s coronation and the Rite of Passage Experience project to zooming in on classroom discussions.

One of the reasons families choose Catholic schools is because of the community and the bonds that form between student and teacher. It was important that teachers had the opportunity to connect with each student before graduation. Each student had a special home visit by teachers and the eighth-grade principal, providing a curbside wake-up call, a celebratory sign on the lawn, and the coveted graduation gown.

Students who received scholarships and awards would have had a special breakfast with benefactors. In keeping with this tradition, the eighth grade teachers and Principal Fajardo presented donuts and awards to each recipient and their families. Each student also received a special song to celebrate their accomplishments. These students represented the hard work and determination of the Class of 2020.

The graduation ceremony was celebrated in the spirit of social distancing with a parade of cars, where every student was honored. Teachers lined the path, keeping their distance, cheering and clapping, as the student stepped onto the podium to receive the diploma. Rain was forecast, it drizzled for a few minutes then the clouds opened up to a blue sky. It was a fitting first moment for the Class of 2020.

“We are so proud of the Holy Rosary Class of 2020,” Principal Fajardo said. “They are a strong class that has seen many firsts, including living through a historic pandemic that has shut down the world and is currently experiencing a civil rights movement in its own backyard. This class learned to persevere and be resilient to change. We challenge our students to be the change for good. When we think it’s impossible, it reminds us that by God, anything is possible.

Holy Rosary offered special thanks to its benefactors who collectively awarded $9,200.00 in scholarships.

Knights of Columbus – Cianna Cueba, Rachel Kimball, Valeria Ruano-Moreno, Jacob Sison

Scott Chapman Memorial Scholarship – Wyatt Rensch

Dennis Hooke Memorial Scholarship – Rachel Kimball

Young Girls Institute Award – Cianna Cueba

Catholic Girls – Jacob Sison

Alice Danilovich–Camryn Sanchez Memorial Scholarship

Geronimo Family Scholarship – William Lee

Kathy Hall Memorial Scholarship – Gianna Celli

Humberto Rodriquez–Gabriel Ruvalcaba Scholarship

Lynne Fitzgibbon – Audrey Campbell Memorial Scholarship

Religious Education Award – Lars Johannsen

Proteus Award – Gianna Celli, Bobby Shaw III

Christian Life Award – Gianna Celli, Anthony Salazar, Camryn Sanchez, Matthew Vargas

Academic Excellence Award – Rachel Kimball, William Lee.

Presidential Service Award

Gold Seal for over 100 hours of service – Gianna Celli, Graciela Dark, Lars Johannsen, Aiden Kim, Rachel Kimball, Emma Lepping, Taaha Rahman, Valerie Ruano-Moreno, Anthony Salazar, Jacob Sison, Alyssa Wilright

Silver Seal Award for over 75 hours of service – Ethan DeMay, Sebastian Ramirez, Amber Reese

Bronze Seal Award for over 50 hours of service – Andrew Bonifacio, William Lee, Uloma Chimara, Logan Simonsen

National Junior Honor Society Cordon Bleu – Audrey Campbell, Gianna Celli, Lars Johannsen, Rachel Kimball, William Lee, Emma Lepping, Taaha Rahman, Sebastian Ramirez, Amber Reese, Gabriel Ruvalcaba, Anthony Salazar, Jacob Sison, Matthew Vargas, Alyssa Wilright

Golden Cord for Academic Success – Gianna Celli, Rachel Kimball, William Lee, Taaha Rahman, Sebastian Ramirez, Jacob Sison, Matthew Vargas, Alyssa Wilright.

– Submitted by Holy Rosary School