Holy cross

The Holy Cross Academy celebrates Catholic Schools Week

ONEIDA CASTLE – Holy Cross Academy celebrated Catholic Schools Week last week, from January 21 to February 21. 4, with a variety of activities and events.

The theme for this year’s Catholic Schools Week, a national celebration, was “Faith. Excellency. A service.” “Holy Cross Academy prides itself on providing a daily living atmosphere of the Catholic faith, encouraging academic excellence and serving others,” school officials said in a statement. The week began with a talk by Deacon James Chappell on the blessing of a Catholic education and a presentation was also given on Saint John Bosco, one of the patron saints of HCA, by Fr. Edmond Castronovo.

Throughout the week, students participated in activities ranging from sleigh races to bowling, collecting donations for Maison Joseph and showing their appreciation to teachers and priests.

“Catholic Schools Week is our version of Spirit Week, and it certainly captures the spirit of Holy Cross – an atmosphere of fun and faith as well as solid education,” Principal Teri Maciag said. .

“Holy Cross Academy is grateful to have such great staff and students. We are also very grateful to all of our families and friends who support Catholic education and our school,” Maciag added.

For more information about Holy Cross Academy, visit their website at http://www.holycrossacademy.com.