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The fruits of the Holy Spirit

A depiction of the Holy Spirit to Saint-Louis, King of France, in downtown Saint-Paul shows a dove emanating from nine rays representing the nine fruits. Courtesy of Father Michael Van Sloun

By receiving the sacrament of confirmation, the person receives the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, wisdom and understanding, counsel and strength (strength), knowledge and fear of the Lord (Is 11: 2) and godliness. . These gifts should not remain inactive or be kept. On the contrary, they must be used wisely so that they bear much fruit.

In his letter to the Galatians, Saint Paul lists the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, fidelity, meekness and self-control (Gal 5, 22-23). These fruits emanate or proceed from the Holy Spirit and reveal what the Holy Spirit is like. These are the character traits of the Holy Spirit. And because the Holy Spirit is a Person of the Most Holy Trinity, and because the three Persons are one, the fruits reveal what God is like. The grace and power of the Holy Spirit causes these fruits to grow. A confirmed person cooperates with this grace, and with growth in holiness these fruits develop and intensify.

Love. Agape love is the highest form of love, love for both God and neighbor. He is selfless, centered on the other person, given freely and with pleasure without conditions or expectation of repayment, expressed in service and ready to suffer on behalf of others.

Joy. Joy is an interior contentment that comes from closeness to God and a right relationship with others. Joy also comes from speaking and standing for truth, honesty and integrity in relationships, enduring hardship, and behaving decently.

Peace. Peace is the harmony that occurs when justice prevails. It happens when resources are shared equitably, power is used for service, interdependence is fostered, information is shared openly and honestly, the dignity of each person is respected, legitimate differences are tolerated, the disadvantaged are given relief. help, wounds are forgiven and the common good is upheld.

Patience. Patience is the virtue of enduring the interruption or delay calmly and without complaint; endure trouble, insults or mistreatment with restraint, refusing to be provoked; and endure difficult burdens and tasks with determination and determination. It is also the will to slow down for the good of others, to put aside his personal projects and concerns, to go at the pace of another and to take the time necessary to meet his needs.

Kindness. Kindness is a warm and friendly disposition towards one another. A kind person is polite and well behaved, respectful and considerate, pleasant and pleasant, cheerful and optimistic, caring and helpful, positive and complementary.

Generosity. Generosity is generosity based on an abundance mentality. He is altruistic and expresses himself in sharing. It extends to family and friends, strangers, and especially those in need, and is offered not only in the form of money, food and clothing, but also timeshare and d assistance provided.

Loyalty. Loyalty is manifested by loyalty to friends, duties accomplished, promises kept, commitments kept, contracts fulfilled, vows respected and fidelity to one’s word.

Candy. Gentleness is sensitivity for another person. He is concerned about the well-being, safety and security of others. It is based on humility. The approach is cautious, tender, considerate, affectionate and gentle, free from any aggressiveness, roughness or abrasiveness.

Self control. Self-control is self-control under any circumstances, being in control of oneself rather than being controlled by temptations, events or other people, especially under pressure or in times of crisis. It is staying calm, cool and serene, reasonable and even-tempered; be alert and aware, proceed with caution and caution, and avoid an impulsive or instinctive reaction; be a moderating influence; and have the strength and courage to reject evil and choose the good.

Father Van Sloun is parish priest of Saint-Barthélemy in Wayzata. This column is part of an ongoing series on Confirmation.

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