Holy spirit

The feast of the Holy Spirit of Visalia continues until Sunday

The 103rd Annual Portuguese Holy Spirit Celebration of Visalia will continue today with the recitation of the Rosary at 7:00 p.m. in the PPVA Hall, 820 E. Main St.

The rosary will be recited daily until Saturday when the coronation of the new queens will take place.

On Friday, the Rosary will begin at 6 pm, followed by “Bodo De Leite”, a procession of animals cradled by Portuguese musicians and “Marcha De Sao Joao” de Tulare (Portuguese Dance Group) will perform.

Tulare Festa continues this weekend

On Saturday, the crowning of the queens will take place after the rosary, set at 7 p.m. A Portuguese folk dance group that performs to the sound of traditional Portuguese music from Hilmar, Grupo Folcloric “Mar Bravo”, will perform. Then dance to follow with the music of DJ Dennis Rebelo.

On Sunday, the festivities will begin with the raising of the flag at 9:30 am in the PPAV room with the parade that will follow. The parade marches to St. Mary’s Catholic Church, 608 N. Church St., for mass at 10:30 am

After Mass, the parade will return to the PPAV Hall for lunch, where traditional sopas will be prepared by Joe Mendonca and served to the public. The committee is preparing and hoping to feed a few thousand people in honor of the Holy Spirit and Saint Isabelle. There will be a live auction after lunch.

The celebration will end on Sunday evening with a big walk at 8:00 p.m., followed by a dance to the music of DJ Dennis Rebelo.

This year’s Senior Queen is Kelsey Story, 16, daughter of Earl and Karlene Story. She is in her second year at Golden West High School.

One of Story’s assistants is Bailey Gruber, 16, daughter of Tim and Pam Gruber. She attends Golden West High School. Story’s other assistant is Elizabeth Guillen, 16, daughter of Abraham and Beatrice Guillen. She attends high school in Exeter.

Visalia 103rd Holy Ghost Festa Junior Queen Jamison Blanchard, center.  His assistants are Presley Blanchard, right, and Gema Ruiz.

This year’s Junior Queen is 9-year-old Jamison Blanchard, daughter of Jeff and Shannon Blanchard. She is in third grade at Linwood Elementary School. One of Blanchard’s assistants is his 6-year-old sister Presley. Blanchard’s other assistant is Gema Ruiz, 9, daughter of Florentino and Maria Ruiz. Junior attendants also attend Linwood Elementary School.

The two queens this year are cousins. They will follow in the footsteps of their grandmothers who were also queens for PPAV Story’s grandmother Lorraine (Gomes), Bettencourt was queen in 1947, just like Blanchard’s grandmother, Lynne (Bettencourt) Lawrence, was queen in 1969.

The leaders of the 2015-16 Celebrations Committee are President Nelson Silveria; Vice-president Frankie Bernardo; Secretary Shawn Martin; Treasure Kevin Correa and Parade President Richard Matta.