Holy spirit

The feast of Pentecost Sunday and Holy Spirit Monday in Vienna

On Pentecost Sunday June 12, 2022, Metropolitan Arsene of Austria and Exarch of Hungary presided over the Divine Liturgy at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Vienna, accompanied by the Athonite Archimandrite Fr. Nicon, the Protopresbyter of the Ecumenical Throne, Fr. Jean, Hieromonk Fr. Barthélemy, Elder Fr. Aristide, Archdeacon Fr. Maximus and a large number of faithful.

The divine Word was preached by Archimandrite Fr. Nicon, who, on the occasion of the sacred readings, spoke of Pentecost, the anniversary of the Church and the constant presence of the Holy Spirit for sanctification and renewal of man and of the world.

“By the grace of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Mysteries and every divine and supernatural action of the Saints of God are accomplished for the salvation of those who freely accept this action”, underlined Fr. Nicon, while presenting experiences of the lives of contemporary saints and laity.

Then an Artoclasia was performed, followed by Vespers with the kneeling prayers, during which the congregation, on their knees, listened to the Metropolitan and the clerics give the relevant blessings to the Triune God. At the end of Vespers, Metropolitan Arsene of Austria thanked Fr. Nicon for his participation in the Feast and wished the faithful an abundance of divine grace and blessing.

On Monday of the Holy Spirit, June 13, Metropolitan Arsenios again presided over the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Cathedral in celebration, accompanied by Archimandrite Fr. Nicon, Protopresbyter Fr. John and Archdeacon Fr. Maximus, with the archimandrite athonite Fr. Antypas and the Elder Fr. Aristide.

Pr. Antypas preached the divine word and pointed out that the Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Holy Trinity, who is identical with the Father and the Son, constitutes “the whole institution of the Church” and guides it in its saving work.

“We are called,” he added, “all of us, as children of the Church, especially today, as we experience negativity and doubt of everything, to love and respect the Church which, as the “Ark”, preserves the truths of our Faith, as formulated by the Ecumenical Synods, so that within it the Spirit of Truth can accomplish its work of renewal.

After the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy, Metropolitan Arsenios of Austria performed a Trisagion for the repose of the souls of the deceased owners and donors of Holy Trinity Cathedral.

Finally, he thanked the Athonite Hieromonks for their visit to Austria and wished the lives of all in the Church to be blessed and guided.

Photos: Metropolis of Austria