Holy trinity


There are many ways in which Christianity expresses the concept of God or the nature of God. One of them is the center and focus of the Christian faith, that is, God as the Holy Trinity.

The term trinity is derived from the number three and the reference to the Holy Trinity explains that God is one and in his unity known in three persons. The doctrine of the Holy Trinity defines God as one and known in the persons of the Father (creator) Son (Jesus, the Savior) and the Holy Spirit (The Spirit of God and the power of God to sustain the Church and l ‘Universe in His goodness).

Many observers or people of different faiths may think and wonder how it is possible that Christians make such a statement. From the point of view of religious experience, you can only maintain a certain conception of God through what you know about Him in a relationship.

God was known to the people of the Old Testament in an obscure way. This was because they belonged to a time in the history of salvation that witnessed only the initial stage of God’s revelation to mankind. The fundamental basis of God who revealed Himself to Abraham, Moses, Isaac, and the prophets in the Old Testament was that He was and is a God who wanted to be worshiped alone.

The Christian faith affirms this unity of God and has taken into account what is the first commandment of God. The formula of faith in the Holy Trinity is the fundamental basis for being a Christian. Without it, Christianity is doubtful. The Apostles’ Creed begins with “I believe in one God who is the creator of heaven and earth” and does not dispute what is in the Old Testament. The creed, just like the Nicene creed, continues to affirm: the Virgin Mary suffered under Pontius Pilate, died and was buried, was resuscitated on the third day ”.

The third affirmation declares “I believe in the Holy Spirit, in the Holy Catholic Church, in the communion of saints, in the forgiveness of sins, in the resurrection of the body and in eternal life”.

The Christian focus on the Holy Trinity does not say that God is made up of three gods, no that is not what the Christian faith teaches rather that God is one and that he is known and known as the creator, savior and support of life in him, the Church and the whole universe. In the New Testament of the Bible, the revelation of Jesus Christ to mankind brings to light a fulness of revelation of who God is. Jesus Christ is revealed as the only Son of God who enabled the outpouring and presence of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God on the event of Pentecost and to the whole world until now. What Jesus Christ revealed in the New Testament was not a new development about God. God before the days of Abraham, Isaac Moses and the great prophets had always been the Trinity and all his life and his action have always been of the Trinitarian model.

Otherwise, as Christians we would not believe and have no hope in a God who created the world, who would save it in Jesus Christ and sustain it with the power of his Holy Spirit.

In the New Testament, when Jesus Christ charged his disciples to go and claim the world for God, he initiated the apostles into Trinitarian knowledge and life in God: “Go therefore, make disciples of all the nations, baptize. them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19)