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The Cathedral of the Holy Rosary celebrates Holi with a cross-community bond and a message of peace | India is blooming

Kolkata: The Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary, Burrabazar, Kolkata, celebrated the Holi festivities today by holding a cross-community goodwill rally to spread the message of humanity, peace and environmental awareness in the presence of representatives professing different religions – Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism.

The event was officially reported by Chief Guest, Praveen Kumar Tripathi, Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP) Kolkata and Guest of Honour, Rupesh Kumar, DC Central, Kolkata. and attended by industrialist Pramode K Agarwal and art curator Subrata Ganguly and others.

Franklin Menezes, pro-vicar of the Cathedral of the Most Holy Rosary, speaking on the occasion, said: “The festival of colors of Holi and the beginning of Lent, when Christians fast for 40 days in memory of the fast of the Lord Jesus in the Desert, is an auspicious time for us to strengthen our inter-community relations and our social bonds and also spread the message of peace, humanity, mutual respect between members of different faiths and environmental awareness. We all pray that the wars that threaten world peace will end”.

Praveen Tripathi, Kolkata’s Additional Police Commissioner, said: “There is a need to build bridges between different communities and strengthen the social fabric of India. I congratulate the Rev. Franklin Menezes, for the organization of this beautiful event and this meeting of minds. I take this opportunity to convey Holi greetings and best wishes to all on behalf of Kolkata Police.

“On this auspicious occasion of Holi, we must reiterate our determination to adhere to the values ​​of peace and community service. More and more people are expected to come forward to forge community bonds and help in social welfare activities,” said Rupesh Kumar, DC Central, Kolkata.

The Most Holy Rosary Cathedral in Burrabazar, Kolkata was founded in 1799 and is one of the oldest cathedrals in eastern India.

The cathedral recently inaugurated a special exhibition on the various images of Saint Francis of Assisi – the patron saint of the environment and the originator of the nativity scene tradition. The pictorial presentations of Saint Francis of Assisi, conceptualized through Church art, inspire people to love and protect Mother Earth.

Prof. Franklin Menezes called on everyone to respect and protect Mother Nature and the Earth’s environment and spread environmental awareness and practices in daily life by conserving nature and its resources.