Holy rosary

The Archbishop officially dissociates the Academy of the Holy Rosary as an official Catholic school

On October 27, 2021, Holy Rosary Academy, one of Alaska’s top performing private schools, was separated from the Catholic Church by the state’s highest Catholic, Archbishop of Anchorage-Juneau.

In a letter to the school, Archbishop Andrew Bellisario wrote that the school had not fulfilled its nine mandates, which included provisions regarding curriculum and health mandates. Some Catholics have contacted Must read Alaska and said the warrants included a mask warrant for students. The archbishop’s crackdown began several months ago and the school and his office have been negotiating since.

Tuesday’s letter from Bellisario followed last week’s ultimatum. In it, he admitted to having heard Catholics asking him to reconsider.

“I understand the concerns and frustration over this situation and share their disappointment. It worries me that some children and parents feel abandoned by their archdiocese. It is important for me to express that I have always kept the care, education and safety of the children and of all Catholics in the Archdiocese at the forefront of my decision, ”he wrote.

“As Archbishop, I am ultimately responsible for every Catholic institution in the Archdiocese of Anchorage-Juneau, including any private and operated Catholic school. I insisted that the board members accept the minimum standards I have specified in order to fulfill my obligation under Church law to protect all of God’s people in this Archdiocese, including those served by the Holy Rosary Academy. In any diocese, it is the bishop who has the power to determine whether a school is a Catholic school, ”he wrote.

“I respect the right of board members to make decisions for Holy Rosary Academy. The board of directors cannot expect the privileges of a Catholic school without accepting the obligations of this recognition. I have clearly explained what is necessary to grant Catholic recognition to the Academy of the Holy Rosary in the new Archdiocese of Anchorage-Juneau. I want to do it, but it is impossible for me to grant recognition without accepting the minimum standards that I have speci fi ed, ”Bellisario wrote.

“Unfortunately, as of today, October 26, 2021, I do not recognize the Academy of the Holy Rosary as a Catholic school. The Holy Rosary Academy does not have the obligations or privileges of a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Anchorage-Juneau. Students. parents. families, staff and supporters of the Academy of the Holy Rosary will always be welcome to celebrate Mass and receive the sacraments in their own parishes. If at any time board members decide to accept and adhere to the minimum standards of a Catholic school as I have specified.
they are invited to ask for the recognition of the Academy of the Holy Rosary as a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Anchorage-Juneau ”, he wrote.

The school board and principal sent a note to parents on Wednesday morning acknowledging the decision.

“We have prayed fervently, offered Masses, worshiped Our Lord for hours in search of guidance and a peaceful resolution of this situation, and we have our answer. We must trust his will and move forward with confidence in the work we do here at school, a vibrant and beautiful place of classical learning, Catholic faith and true joy. With record numbers of registrations, strong fundraising, incredible faculty and outstanding recognition for HRA this year, a bright future awaits our students, families and staff, ”the school wrote to the Holy community. Rosary. The school has an enrollment of approximately 150 students, 39 percent of whom are racial minorities. 14% of students are of Asian or Pacific Islander origin, or of Hawaiian descent, and 10% are Hispanic.

From Wednesday, the Academy of the Holy Rosary will be known as the “Classical School in the Catholic Tradition”, but not as a Catholic school controlled by the Church.

“It will have no impact on our desire to form saints and students ready for a life well lived,” the board wrote. “We will continue to offer our school as a model for living by the laws of our Creator as we depend on the Trinity, our Blessed Mother, and angels and saints to guide us in our efforts to lead others to holiness. Our classrooms will remain filled with the wisdom of the ages, our hearts will remain open to Truth, Beauty and Goodness. In a conversation with the Fathers of the Church, our souls will always reach heaven and the open arms of our Christ and his Father, ”the board wrote to parents.