Holy rosary

Tacoma’s Holy Rosary Church listed as endangered

If there was a list of endangered species for historic buildings, the Holy Rosary Church in Tacoma would surely be there.

It turns out to be sort of the case, and on Saturday the nearly 100-year-old church is listed.

The church, which obtained a stay of execution from the Archdiocese of Seattle in October, has a dedicated and passionate audience trying to deflect the wrecking ball.

This non-profit group, Save Tacoma’s Landmark Church, received a moral boost from the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation on Saturday when it named the Catholic Church one of Washington’s most endangered places.

The purpose of the list is to alert the public to important historic and cultural places under threat in Washington. The designation has no official protection.

The church’s troubles began in November 2018 when a 5-by-5-foot piece of plaster ceiling fell into the attic of the choir of 424 S. 30th St. Church after an inspection revealed many dangerous aspects inside and outside the building, a fence was erected around the church and its 210-foot-high steeple. The building has since been unoccupied.

The Holy Rosary has a distinct Gothic Revival style and comes in the form of a Latin cross, the Washington Trust said.

“In addition to its architectural value, the importance of the Holy Rosary is also due in part to its prominent place in the Tacoma skyline, thanks to its location at the terminus of Tacoma Avenue, an important north / south to Tacoma, and its visibility from I -5, ”the Trust said in an announcement.

The Washington Trust said it maintains the Most Endangered Places list as its flagship advocacy and awareness program.

The Save group has raised funds through awareness campaigns and various events. In December, the group received a pledge of $ 500,000 from the Jack and Angela Connelly Family Foundation.

The Save Group says $ 2.249 million is needed to erect scaffolding and make the repairs needed to reoccupy the church. If an additional $ 6.691 million is raised, the group could repair the roof and do structural repairs. A total of $ 17.6 million is needed to completely restore the church and replace aging electrical and heating systems.

The two groups are hosting a “heart bomb” group photo event at the church on February 15.