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“Start Doing Better,” Holy Trinity Catholic School Division Holds Variety of Events for National Indigenous Peoples Day – DiscoverMooseJaw.com

Holy Trinity Catholic School Division (HTSD) is hosting its first-ever annual one-day Indigenous Peoples Day event.

Indigenous Peoples Day is a nationally recognized day on June 21. The day is dedicated to celebrating and recognizing Indigenous cultures across Canada with the summer solstice.

“Holy Trinity Catholic School Division has decided to plan a full day to recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day,” said Vivian Gauvin, Vice-Principal at St. Agnes School. “This is a day to recognize and celebrate our Indigenous heritage and all the outstanding contributions of First Nations, Inuit and Métis and what they have given to Canada.

The HTSD brought all of its students from all of its schools in Moose Jaw to Vanier Collegiate to watch and participate in a variety of demonstrations.

The day was filled with inspiring speakers, storytellers and musicians like Brittnee Prettyshield from Moose Jaw. The Cree Spirit Drum Group also performed traditional drum sequences.

The event was originally scheduled to take place outside of Sacred Heart School, and it was meant to be open to all residents of the city who wished to attend.

However, due to inclement weather, it was decided to be held indoors at Vanier Collegiate.

“Normally we would allow the public (to come), but as this is an indoor venue, there is only just enough room for our students from Holy Trinity Catholic School,” says Gauvin.

Gauvin added that this event was necessary for the community and the school division: “Doing nothing is doing nothing and we want to do better than that. So, our division intentionally planned an authentic day to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. We did it with a purpose. We want to try to start doing better and recognizing all the contributions of First Nations people in Saskatchewan.