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Sign of peace for Ukraine? Dove lands on Holy Trinity image during liturgy in Ukraine in viral video

Wow… what do you think?

The world is watching Ukraine endure the tragic war with Russia over its homeland.

Just before war broke out on Thursday, February 24, a Facebook user published a video clip of a liturgy in Ukraine. The video shows a white dove landing on an image of the Holy Trinity as a priest sprinkles holy water.

The white dove is often depicted as a sign of peace and symbolizes the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit.

We don’t know the exact day this happened. However, regardless of its timing, it’s great to watch.

here is the video below:

Click here if you don’t see the video above.

The post office says: “Mass with the blessing of holy water in Ukraine before the start of the war, and suddenly a white dove comes and sits in the Holy Trinity, asking for peace. / What other sign do we want? / Pray for world peace. / Only God is enough!

Here’s how some people reacted:

Maricela Regan, Facebook

Facebook user Maricela Regan wrote: “Wow. How beautiful.”

Francisco Cartagena, Facebook

Facebook user Francisco Cartagena said: “May the Lord our God touch the hearts of all who act belligerently, with his Holy Spirit, so that they always act respecting the rights of others and bring peace. in all countries in conflict.

Blanqui Montenegro, Facebook

Facebook user Blanqui Montenegro added: “Blessed be my Lord Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Bless the whole world, especially Ukraine, because who [is] like God? No one is like God.

Elena Flores, Facebook

Facebook user Elena Flores said: “By world peace. / May we know that we are all one. / Bless us beloved Jesus and bless all who are involved in healing what needs to be healed. / Amen.”

Emmanuel M. Arista, Facebook

Facebook user Emmanuel Arista also said, “May the Divine Spirit move the conscience[s] of those who have power.

Our Lady Queen of Peace, bring peace to Ukraine!

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