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Reverend Tom DiLorenzo to leave Holy Rosary Church begins new ministry at St. John the Baptist in Quincy on June 1 – Winthrop Transcript

Reverend Tom DiLorenzo, the well-known spiritual leader of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Winthrop for 25 years, is leaving the church to become the pastor of St. John the Baptist Church in Quincy.

Father Tom DiLorenzo

“Father Tom,” as the eminent clergyman is reverently known by those who have had the honor of being a part of the ministry and the thousands of people across the country who listen to his daily radio show, will take up his new post on the 1st. June.

“I will miss Winthrop and Holy Rosary, of course,” said Reverend DiLorenzo, 73. “Over the years, I have met hundreds of residents of Winthrop. I would name names, but I can’t do it because I would leave people out. I will miss the people here. We prayed for it. healing of so many people.

“People with cancer have been cured. People with other things were healed as we prayed with them, ”Reverend DiLorenzo said. “I will miss it and people will miss this too.”

Reverend DiLorenzo said he learned of his new position at St. John the Baptist three weeks ago. Because the church has suspended all Masses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reverend DiLorenzo did not have the immediate opportunity to make the announcement in person at the parish.

“I hope to say goodbye to you at a church service,” Reverend DiLorenzo said. “But my farewell speech is: All that God has done, praise him. “

Growing up in East Boston

Reverend DiLorenzo began his ministry at Holy Rosary in Winthrop in 1995. He resided on Shirley Avenue, just two doors away from the church.

Previously, he held the highest spiritual leadership position at St. Adelaide Church in Peabody for eight years and prior to that he served at Sacred Heart Church in North Quincy for eight years.

He grew up in East Boston and attended East Boston High School, class of 1964.

“They were good years growing up in East Boston,” said DiLorenzo.

Early on he chose his path to the priesthood and achieved his goal after having excelled in his theological studies. He attended Salem State University and St. John Seminary, Brighton.

“I knew I was going to be a priest, but I didn’t know I would serve at Winthrop someday,” he said.

Reflecting on his tenure at Holy Rosary, he said he was proud of the strength and vitality of the church congregation. “With the guidance of the Lord through me, the Holy Rosary has remained strong in Winthrop,” said Reverend DiLorenzo. “The congregation has been very supportive. “

Host of a national radio show for 34 years

Reverend Tom DiLorenzo hosted “In Season and Out of Season”, a national radio show for 34 years. Every day, he preaches to thousands of listeners on Boston WROL, WEZE, and stations across the country.

“I will continue my radio show Monday through Friday with 30 minute and 15 minute shows twice a day,” he said proudly. Although Reverend DiLorenzo will not be officiating masses in Winthrop, parishioners of the Holy Rosary will be able to listen to his inspiring thoughts every day on his popular radio show.