Holy rosary

Renovations still underway at the former Holy Rosary School

The transformation is underway on East 28th Street.

This comes after COVID19 halted the demolition of the former Holy Rosary School.

Chris Jones, project manager for Mercy Center for Women, said, “Once we were able to get back to work, the guys came back here and started demolishing the whole building, which is almost done now.”

The project will cost $2.5 million and the money will come from philanthropic support and funding from the Mercy Center for Women.

The major expansion will help provide transitional housing for women and children in need.

13 old classrooms are being renovated in the old school building.

Jennifer Hagerty, executive director of the Mercy Center for Women, says, “What we did, since the building is older, we had to clean the asbestos and lead from the facility.

The old building will consist of a Dress for Success space for women looking for work.

Since the demolition, the project manager tells us that there are still difficulties to overcome from the pandemic.

“We are still waiting for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing to be approved by the building inspection insurers. Right now we’re in a bit of a bind,” Jones said.

The new living space will also include a thrift store and pantry.