Holy spirit

Preparation of the sermon in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit | CT pastors

Like many young pastors, I spent my early years of ministry torturing the public through endless experiences with my preaching. I had attended seminary, listened to hundreds of sermons, read many books, and learned explanatory, thematic, Christ-centered, and Spirit-animated preaching. I knew the need for both study and anointing. When I entered the academy, I repeated these same lessons in my preaching classes. And yet, inside, I knew I had a gulf between mastering the mechanics of sermon making and truly serving as a translator between God and His church. As John Koessler writes in Madness, grace and power, “Those who preach break the silence of God.” Most weeks I was just trying to hold out until next Monday.

The first sermon I preached was at a budding church plant that I helped start in a bar. In this context, my preaching went from the theoretical jokes of a classroom to the anxiety-provoking reality of standing in front of people who …

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