Holy trinity

Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity

We can never thank God enough during our short life on earth. God has given us so much that we should strive to spend our days thanking his wonderful gifts.

One way to express this gratitude is to pray this beautiful prayer of thanksgiving to the Holy Trinity of Saint Catherine of Siena, found within her Dialogue on Divine Providence.

O eternal God! O eternal Trinity! By the union of your divine nature, you have made the blood of your only begotten Son so precious! O eternal Trinity, you are a mystery as deep as the sea, in which the more I seek, the more I find; and the more I find, the more I seek. For even immersed in the depths of You, my soul is never sated, always hungry and hungry for You, Eternal Trinity, wishing and longing to see You, the True Light.

O eternal Trinity, with the light of understanding I have tasted and seen the depths of your mystery and the beauty of your creation. Seeing myself in you, I saw that I would become like you. O Eternal Father, by your power and your wisdom, you have clearly given me a part of this wisdom which belongs to your only begotten Son. And truly the Holy Spirit, who proceeds from you, Father and Son, has given me the desire to love you.

O Eternal Trinity, you are my creator and I am your creation. Illuminated by You, I learned that You made me a new creation by the Blood of Your only begotten Son because You are captivated by the love of the beauty of Your creation.

O eternal Trinity, o Divinity, o unfathomable abyss, o deep sea, what greater gift could you give me than your very Self? You are a fire that burns eternally but never consumed, a fire that consumes my self-esteem with your warmth. Again and again you are the fire that removes all coldness from the heart and illumines the mind with your light, the light with which you have made your truth known to me.

By this reflected light, I know that you are the greatest good, a good above all good, a fortunate good, an incomprehensible good, an immeasurable good, a beauty above all beauty, a wisdom above of all wisdom, for you are wisdom itself, the food of the angels, the fire of love that you give to man.

You are the garment covering our nakedness. You nourish our family with your sweetness, a sweetness of which you have no trace of bitterness. O eternal Trinity! Amen.