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Pastor Raymond Vietmeier’s new publication “A Study of the Holy Spirit” is an articulate exploration of what is known about the Holy Spirit

“A Study of the Holy Spirit”: an informative study of a key point of faith. “A Study of the Holy Spirit” is the creation of published author, Pastor Raymond Vietmeier, an ordained independent minister.

Pastor Vietmeier shares, “The author, Pastor Raymond Vietmeier was awakened one night and led by the Holy Spirit to seek ‘courses in the Holy Spirit’. When that didn’t produce anything useful, the Holy Spirit said to seek ‘study the Holy Spirit.’ It lifted up what the Holy Spirit wanted. It was a public domain document describing everything about the Holy Spirit. The author followed the plan and added comments on each characteristic of the Holy Spirit. Then the Holy Spirit directed the last chapter in detail. The author noticed that the Holy Spirit sends messages much faster than what the author is used to with the Father and the Son. When the last chapter was finished, the author addressed the Holy Spirit saying, ‘I’m sorry, Holy Spirit, but you spoke so fast that I made many typos, typos spelling, words printed twice and even missing words.’ The Holy Spirit replied, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll clean up the draft in the morning.’ The next morning the author was awakened by the Holy Spirit and directed to go to the computer and work with the Holy Spirit to correct the last chapter. In the nightly prayer that followed that day, Pastor Ray began to pray, but like many times before, God spoke up and started a two-way conversation as Pastor Ray lived in the light. It means he walks and talks with the Father. When Pastor Ray commented on the speed at which the Holy Spirit sends messages, the Father and the author laughed. The author thought he shouldn’t have joked about the Holy Spirit, but the Father didn’t seem to care at all. The Father and the Son like to talk one-on-one instead of just praying. This closeness upset the evil one, Satan. He hates those who are close to the Holy Trinity. In writing the fourth book, Satan actually destroyed two chapters referring to how the Jewish people and Muslims can find love, joy, and happiness by becoming a true Christian.

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Pastor Raymond Vietmeier’s new book is an educational work that examines an often misunderstood aspect of faith.

Pastor Vietmeier shares the hope of leading others to the Holy Spirit so they too can experience a true connection with the Holy Trinity.

Consumers can purchase “A Study of the Holy Spirit” at traditional bookstores or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes Store or Barnes and Noble.

For more information or inquiries about “A Study of the Holy Spirit,” contact Christian Faith Publishing’s media department at 866-554-0919.

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