Holy rosary

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary of Pompeii

Intention of the day: For the Church.

During the month of May, the Church around the world joins in a daily rosary for the intention of the end of the pandemic, as well as a specific intention related to the various victims of the virus.

Each day of the month, a different shrine will lead the daily rosary, according to local practice.

The beginning and the end of the Marathon of the Rosary (May 1 and 31) are animated by Pope Francis.

See below to follow the list of shrines.

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Intention of the day 30: For the Church

For today’s Relais du Rosaire, our penultimate day, we return to Italy, to one of the Marian shrines with a most remarkable history, even beyond that of the famous volcano of Vesuvius which destroyed the city.

The sanctuary dates back to Saint Bartholo Longo, who was baptized a Catholic but became a great enemy of the Church, becoming involved in witchcraft and Satanism.


On May 8, there is widespread devotion to Our Lady of Pompeii, and a special “supplica” is requested.

Pope Francis Sanctuary of Pompeii

See images of the sanctuary and the city of Pompeii below.

The destruction wrought by Vesuvius in AD 79 was so sudden that when the city was dug up by archaeologists in the 19th century, excavations revealed a snapshot of ancient Roman life frozen in time.

Visitors to Pompeii can wander the ancient Roman streets and marvel at the excavated buildings preserved by the lava flow to look almost as they did two millennia ago.

Sanctuary Virgin of the Pompeii Rosary