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New Holy Cross President Marco Clark discusses College goals // The Observer

Holy Cross announced last week that Marco Clark will succeed Fr. David Tyson as College President in July when Tyson’s term ends. Clark, who will be the first non-Holy Cross friar or priest to serve as president of Holy Cross, said he was compelled to apply for the position because of the College’s ability to nurture student growth.

“Holy Cross College is a place where people can grow – they can really grow in themselves,” he said. “He has a small enough environment to meet students where they are and help them realize their God-given potential.”

Originally hoping to coach high school football when he graduated from college, Clark said he felt a broader call for a future in Catholic education while serving as a school counselor at DeMatha Catholic. High School in Maryland.

“I believe in a vocational calling,” Clark said. “I use the phrase ‘God brings us to our time and place.'”

Marco Clark will assume the role of President of Holy Cross this summer. He is the first non-Holy Cross brother or priest to hold the post of President of the College.

Clark’s “time and place” led him to Bishop McNamara High School in Illinois from 1997 to 2020, where he served first as principal and then as school president.

Most recently, he served as Executive Director of the Holy Cross Institute at St. Edward’s University in Texas. As executive director, he said he would “work on mission training, conduct research, and develop programs that will enhance mission in all 120 Holy Cross schools, colleges, and universities.”

Clark aims to continue following the Holy Cross mission

The Holy Cross board has prioritized a commitment to the mission of Holy Cross in its presidential search and Clark stressed that this will be central to him as well.

Clark said the mission of Holy Cross should be the primary consideration for every action taken by the College.

“Our mission should inform every decision we make, it should inform curricular decisions, it should inform residential life [and] it should inform what our university community looks like,” he said.

And although Clark is the College’s first president who is not a brother or priest, he believes his experiences with the Congregation of the Holy Cross have prepared him to continue his mission during his term as president.

“I may not have ‘CSC’ after my name, but I have CSC in my DNA,” Clark said. “I have worked with the friars for 25 years, been taught by the priests and friars in high school, and immersed my professional life in what it means to be a Holy Cross educator.”

Clark, a husband, father of three and grandfather of five, said he was an energetic person who liked to stay active outdoors. As president, he hopes to use his energy to improve the student experience at Holy Cross.

“I intend to be everywhere. I intend to engage with students. And, in that, I have to listen to the students,” he said.

He also said his experience in managing and growing enrollment as well as his executive skills will come in handy to help Holy Cross grow.

Cultivating Holy Cross, Clark said, is an all-encompassing task.

“It raises the academic profile. It makes our reputation grow. It physically increases our enrollment and it physically increases, the capital, the campus,” he said. “That’s what growth means to me.”

Clark hopes to improve student life

A college education, Clark said, is as much experiential as it is focused on gaining knowledge and wisdom in the classroom. With this belief as a guide, Clark plans to help foster vibrant campus life at Holy Cross.

“Holy Cross College is a place where opportunities abound and I think we need to create more opportunities in areas of student life,” Clark said.

One aspect of student life that Clark seeks to develop is Holy Cross athletics.

“I would like to see us add additional sports programs because I think there is an opportunity to do so,” he said.

A former college football player, athleticism is very important to Clark. He said he learned valuable lessons in selflessness and teamwork while playing and coaching sports and he finds students who participate in athletics and the arts develop a strong work ethic.

As President, Clark aims to set high standards for the College.

“We have to do everything with excellence,” he said. “You can have great sports programs, great academics, great commitment to social justice, and great commitment to service and ministry.”

In the end, Clark is thrilled to take on the role of president of Holy Cross.

“I am truly honoured, humbled and grateful for this opportunity to lead Holy Cross College and there will be no one there who will surpass me and there will be no one there who will be more passionate than me for our college. .

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