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Nell Nolan: Holy Cross honors Gayle Benson; Bal Magnolia at the Ogden |


Editor’s Note: The events featured in this column occurred before New Orleans forced masks inside.

Tribute to Gayle Benson!

“You are cordially invited to the Spes Unica celebration in honor of Mrs. Gayle benson“was scripted atop the invitation that followed with the location: Old Metairie’s house Rachel and Arnold Kirschman. The time of the rally was from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Usually translated as “A Hope,” the Spes Unica Prize is UHC’s highest honor bestowed on a member of the local community who exemplifies the mission of the university and has a real and positive impact on the community. The Catholic University, which was previously the College Notre-Dame de Sainte-Croix, was founded in 1916 as a mission of the Marianites of Holy Cross, “whose distinguished history of educating minds and hearts dates back to to 1848 “.

When the formalities began, the guests gathered for the tribute. Sister Ann LaCour, MSC, head of the Marianites of the Holy Cross, said a prayer, and hostess Rachel Van Voorhees Kirschman not only greeted the guests, but added a special message on mental health awareness. The long-awaited moment came when the president of the CHU Dr Stanton McNeely III presented a framed plaque to Gayle Benson with appropriate praise.

We particularly noted Dennise Tabony the board of directors of the UHC; crew member Guy williams, the ministries of the Baptist community; Jennifer drummer, director of development of BCM funds; Sister Kateri Battaglia, MSC, Marianites of Holy Cross; Stephanie Davi McNeely, the fairly recent wife of the president; Chairman of the board of directors of the CHU Todd matherne, who was joined by his wife, Andrea; and board member Therese Laurent with David.

When they and other guests arrived at the show house, the waiters offered them champagne and passed out appetizers. Once inside, a sumptuous buffet awaits you, organized by Black Pearl Catering. All were displays of cheese, cold cuts, fruits and vegetables, including homemade pickles, mustards as a seasonal preserve, peeled oysters, crab fingers, poached Gulf shrimp, and a smoked drum dip. . On-the-go desserts – such as latte panna cotta and small pecan pies – crowned the dining room.

The addition of the musical desserts was Jack Weaver, a friend of the hostess Rachel. The perfect presentations made the floral arrangements lush.

Others still present were Paul Flower, Benjamin and Alexa Levine, Peter and Caroline Finney, Dominic Massa, Dr Roy Salgado, Jerry and Sherrie Bologna, and Sisters Marjorie Hébert, MSC, and Renee Daigle, MSC, Marianites of Holy Cross. Dozens more walked around, catching up and congratulating the winner.

Upon departure, a sweet memory returned to the guests. Sage Dining Services at UHC made sugar cookies with the university’s logo as farewell favors.

The magnolia ball – and everything

On a recent Saturday night, and with a timed ticket booth, the Magnolia Ball at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art ran for six hours. The attractions included a silent auction, music, shows and cocktails. The gallivant celebrated Ogden’s exhibition, “Outside In, Improvisations of Space: The Ceramic Work of MaPo Kinnord. “

Associated with the chair, the bash were Shannon Moon, Matthew Moreland, Meghan Parson, Patrick Welsh, Sharonda Williams and Justin Woods. They valued the acknowledgments galore, as did their 2021 committee, which consisted of Hattie collins and Rebecca Maisel, Amanda Credeur and Stephen Roques, Alice and Brodie Glenn, Nicole Hershey, Sarah Martzolf, Marty McElveen, Cameron McHarg, Emma Minter and Blake Trombatore, Nathalie Simon, Claire Thriffiley, Cat Todd and Chris Wheelahan.

More gratitude went to the sponsors: the Helis Foundation, The Times-Picayune | NOLA.com, and New Orleans and St. Charles Avenue magazines. Benefactors included Susan and Ralph Brennan, Eclectic house, Holly and Geoffrey Snodgrass, and Charles D. Urstadt and David Bernard. William Monaghan Studio hosted the launch party. More thanks followed.

Considering the health of the Hobnobbers, there were designated time slots to attend the prom (thus allowing fewer people at a time), optional masks, hand sanitizers, and food stamps. Drinks were served, but no edibles. When guests left the party, they picked up vouchers for taste treats at Franklin, Galaxie, Manolito, Palate New Orleans, Restaurant R’Evolution, Seaworthy, Taceaux Loceaux, and Trep’s Restaurant and Bar.

All night long, music invaded the place, thanks to DJ Heelturn, DJ RQ Away, DJ Jess, and People Museum Band, performing alternately in the atrium and on the terrace. Additional excitement was generated by PhotoBooth, the live painting by the two Becky fos and Ellen langford, the Flower Krewe and the 610 Stompers, which upped the festivities. Just under 100 backers donated to the silent auction, which ended the next day at 5 p.m.

According to the party pack, the main focus of the task was in the spirit of a return to socialization. A Magnolia Ball director said: “People were happy to be back.”

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