Holy spirit

“My father said ‘holy spirit’ commanded him to sleep with me” – Nigeria – The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

A 16-year-old survivor told a Lagos domestic abuse and sex offenses court yesterday sitting in Ikeja how her 43-year-old biological father, Emmanuel Odega, has repeatedly defiled her since her mother left for South Africa in 2014.

Recounting her ordeals before Judge Ramon Oshodi, when presented as evidence by the State’s attorney, Ms Bukola Okeowo, the survivor said that prior to the incident, her mother had moved to South Africa.

She told court that her father had sex with her when she was 14, noting that the defendant (father) told her that ‘holy spirit’ commanded him to have sex with her.

She said: ‘I was 14 when the incident happened. It first started with him touching my body. When I noticed this, I pulled my body away from him. I told my twin brother about it the next morning, but he avoided it and didn’t believe me.

“The next day, he slept with me the same evening. I couldn’t scream or do anything because my father was threatening me.

The teenager further told the court that her father continued sleeping with her after moving from their location and moving to a wooden apartment in the Badore area of ​​Ajah.

Cross-examined by defense attorney Mr Buhari Momoodu, the survivor said she was raped once before her father knew her.

In his testimony, the second witness for the prosecution, a medical examiner from the Center de Mirabel, Dr. Oyedeji Alagbe, told the court that his findings showed no new injuries to the vagina, but repeated forceful vaginal penetrations.

After hearing his testimony, Judge Oshodi adjourned until June 6, for the continuation of the trial.