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Mom calls on the ‘Holy Spirit’ to ward off ‘trolls’ who say her adopted daughter isn’t hers

A black mother had the perfect response to “trolls” who don’t believe her adopted daughter is truly hers.

Jeena and Drue Wilder are parents of five children. Husband and wife met in 2007 and started their family in 2012. Jeena is black and her husband is white, so four of their children are mixed – while their 7-year-old daughter, nicknamed Tiger, happens to be adopted and white.

Jeena and Drue adopted Tiger in 2019 and call him “literally sunshine in a bottle.” However, some people aren’t so welcoming of the Wilders’ multiracial family. But the mother seems quite ready to face it.

“When strangers and trolls say she’s not my daughter,” Jeena wrote in a caption.

Jeena and Tiger cheered on the song “Holy Spirit Activate” which artist Chynna Phillips made popular on Celebrity family feud.

Families don’t have to correspond,” the mother added.

The video received over 13.9 million views on TikTok. People applauded the mother’s response.

“DNA doesn’t make you the mother, it’s the love and care you give a child,” someone commented.

“If you love her and raise her as your own, she’s your child,” wrote another.

“Family means whatever you want it to mean! You are a great example of that!” one person said.

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