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Kenyan mother of six who left her husband to ‘marry’ the Holy Spirit found dead, reports say

A Kenyan mother-of-six who shocked Kenyans last year when she left her 20-year marriage to ‘marry’ the Holy Spirit has been found dead, Kenyan media outlet The Star reports. The decomposing body of Elizabeth Nalem was found in Kopoch Forest, Kapkoris, Mnagei district, on Saturday.

According to the police, Nalem left his home a week earlier in the forest with a panga and a cane. Investigations have since been launched to determine if she was attacked by animals in the forest.

“The body was badly mutilated and smelly. Some parts of the body are missing,” her husband Joshua Nalem told the Nation.

In May last year, Nalema, a councilwoman from the town of Makutano in West Pokot County, was bound in holy marriage with the Holy Spirit in a ‘lavish’ ceremony at Chelang Gardens. ‘a, a hotel in the city of Makutano. The ceremony took place in the presence of her colleagues and a few businesswomen, including her husband, Joshua Nalem.

Shocked and confused, Joshua Nalem saw his wife, dressed in a wedding dress, say “yes” to the Holy Spirit in a ceremony presided over by Pastor Albert Rumaita of the Makutano Anglican Church in Kenya.

“I served the world for all my years, but now the Holy Spirit has commanded me to serve Almighty God. The Holy Spirit led me to Pastor Rumaita, who bought the wedding dress , organized this ceremony and even rented cars to escort me here,” Nalem said during the ceremony.

She said that even though her husband was against her decision, she would want him to know that she is done serving the world and will now dedicate her life to God and the church. Nalem announced after the ceremony that she had closed her business and was heading for a honeymoon in Uganda. Her honeymoon doubles as a crusade, however, The Standard reported.

“God showed me signs to travel to the United States when I’m done with Uganda. He told me to travel the world but I told him I couldn’t and asked him to recruit other members to help me spread the gospel,” she said.

Her husband told reporters that he tried many times to stop his wife from leaving but she refused. He added that he started having problems with his wife due to her new prayer habits. “She went to church one day, and when she came back, she started waking up at 3 a.m. to go and pray. I asked her why she was braving the cold just to pray, but instead , she decided to move to a nearby farm.

Nalem had wanted to hold the ceremony at her church, but church officials refused her request to be married to the Holy Spirit.

“Because I’m her neighbor, she came to me and explained herself, that’s why I made the bold decision and did what she asked me to do,” said the Pastor Rumaita, who celebrated the marriage and financed it. “I made the decision to preside, plan and finance the wedding because the world is coming to an end and because I am its neighbor,” he explained.

Christianity says the Holy Spirit is the third “person” in the Holy Trinity of God. The other two are God and Jesus Christ.