Holy cross

Jesuit and Holy Cross meet in a game of historic rivalry

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Jesuit Against Holy Cross is taking the “Divided House” to the next level through Crescent City.

On Friday night, the Jesuit Blue Jays beat the Holy Cross Tigers 51-7 in the Rivalry’s 102nd game at Tad Gormley Stadium.

Throughout the week, both schools prepare for the game and hope that the team spirit will lead their team to victory.

“A family. Big family and lots of sports,” said Tyler, a student from Holy Cross.

Mateo, a Jesuit student, said: “Everything revolves around the Jesuit spirit, you know that. You have to bring it to the game and give it your all.

The game is the fifth oldest continuously played preparation rivalry in the country and dates back to 1922.

“We have so many friends on both sides of the fence,” said Kim Black, a mother from Sainte-Croix. “When we’re at Tad Gormley it’s about going back and forth in the semicircle. “

Pre-game events are almost as competitive as the grill. Family and fans cook enough to feed hundreds of people, there are games and custom t-shirts.

“That’s the real spirit of high school football. You never know how every game is going to go every year,” Black said.