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Is Candace Cameron Bure a nun? The actress called the Holy Spirit “alluring” TikTok

After uploading a TikTok video praising the Holy Spirit, Candace Cameron Bure drew a lot of reaction online as the claims called her to be “flirty.”

Read on as we explore the actress’ religion and her response to the bizarre social media reaction.

Candace Cameron Bure recently explored TikTok

On July 29, 2021, Candace Cameron Bure jumped on a TikTok trend using a clip from Lana Del Rey’s popular song “Jealous Girl”.

The actress referred to the power of the Holy Spirit by intensely synchronizing the lyrics of the song.

With over 3.4 million subscribers and 38.9 million likes, @candacecameronb certainly has a large following on the video sharing platform.

Candance also uploaded the TikTok video to her Instagram feed and it started to get a lot of worrying attention …

Viewers call video ‘alluring’

A TikTok user named @mommawhoprays commented on the video with the question :

“No shade, how come you play secular music on your platform but also talk about the Holy Spirit? “

While Candace has now removed the video from her stream, it has also received a backlash on the ‘gram.

Others shared their opinions on Twitter, describing her dance as alluring.

In response to the comments, @candacebcure shared clips on her Instagram Story in which she explained herself.

Screenshot: Instagram story of @canancecbure

Candace admitted that she usually wouldn’t apologize for something like this, but apologized nonetheless.

Acknowledged that the video made some viewers feel

confirmed that

Screenshot: Instagram story of @canancecbure

The actress explained that she uses a clip from TikTok and applies it to the power of the Holy Spirit.

While viewers thought she was trying to be attractive, Candace revealed that she was more trying to be strong rather than sexy.

Screenshot: Instagram story of @canancecbure

Candance later admitted that she decided to use the trendy sound after her daughter Natasha uploaded a video featuring it.

The designer finalized her statement by suggesting:

“Maybe I was trying to be too cool or relevant in a Biblical way that didn’t work.”

Is the actress religious?

The 45-year-old actress is a proud religious figure as she openly shares her views regarding her strong Christian faith online.

Candance has created TikTok videos in the past that proudly refer to herself as the Girl Who Loves Jesus Christ.

Her family is also religious and together celebrates important Christian holidays such as Easter.

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@candacebure frequently shares Bible quotes on his Instagram.

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Visit the creator’s social media accounts to find out more!

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