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Imamovic-Lulgjuraj seeks to apply engagement and community building skills // The Observer

Muris Imamovic and Matthew Lulgjuraj said they hope to apply the community building skills they used as resident assistants at Holy Cross to their positions as president and vice president if elected.

“We have really good community development with our guys. We got to know our guys and we know what motivates them,” Imamovic said.

Imamovic, who is running for president of the Holy Cross Student Government Association (SGA), is an undergraduate elementary education student from Mishawaka and served as Resident Assistant (RA) at Basil Hall this year and as a mentor in his second year.

Also a junior elementary education student, Lulgjuraj is a native of Sterling Heights, Michigan, and is running for vice president. He was RA at South Hall and SGA Senator last year.

Juniors Muris Imamovic (left) and Matthew Lulgjuraj (right), who are running for election to the Holy Cross Student Government Association.

Imamovic said the experience of being an RA provided their ticket with key insights into how to work with different students and improve their time at Holy Cross.

“We got to know the pulse of Holy Cross and what everyone is looking for,” he said. “We would be perfect to be able to build stuff according to different groups.”

Lulgjuraj reiterated that the RA experience provided a lens to the Holy Cross community for the couple.

“Be [RAs] on campus, we know what the community is like with different students,” Lulgjuraj said. “With Gateways, Driscolls and regular Holy Cross students, we kind of want to create more community within Holy Cross and close that gap.”

Working as a mentor has enhanced his ability to facilitate the freshman experience at Holy Cross, Imamovic said. As chairman and vice-chairman, he said: “It’s kind of up to us to make the experience as easy for [first-years] as possible and transitioning to life on their own.

Imamovic and Lulgjuraj also hope to see concrete action unfold as president and vice president and said they will do so by fostering an environment within SGA that is open to new ideas and opinions.

Imamovic said that would mean charting a physical legacy of new additions to Holy Cross made by SGA.

“We want to add cool things to [Holy Cross] too,” he said. “We don’t want everything to stay the same every year.”

After mentioning their excitement about the recent Holy Cross ceremony, Imamovic said he and Lulgjuraj hope to host a second major student body event for the fall semester.

“Right away as soon as we get everyone here, [we will] try to make it like a really big event or a gathering so everyone knows each other,” he said. “Maybe even add a second dance or something.”

Lulgjuraj said that as vice president, he would like to empower SGA senators to achieve more for the student body.

“There were a lot of ideas that were mentioned that never really came to fruition,” he said of his tenure as a senator. “We’re really going to push to finish things, not just do things halfway.”

To get things done on campus, Lulgjuraj said, it’s critical that the president and vice president utilize the capabilities of SGA senators.

“We have the titles of president and vice president, but it’s really our senators who get things done on this campus,” he said.

Imamovic said they hoped to continue the momentum created by current SGA President and Vice President Emilee Skidgel and Katie Cole, respectively.

“I think they’ve done a good job, and I think it’s just good to try to keep adding to that,” he said.

With a long-standing commitment to the school, Imamovic said he and Lulgjuraj are well-placed to be strong SGA leaders and succeed Skidgel and Cole.

“I don’t think there are two better people than us to keep this momentum going,” he said. “We have always been here at Holy Cross.”

Lulgjuraj stressed that his and Imamovic’s commitment to Holy Cross was particularly strong and would be brought to their work as president and vice-president.

“We always have a good attitude, we are [Holy Cross] or die.”