Holy trinity

Holy Trinity wins Ulster Top Team award

Holy Trinity Boxing Club has even more reason to celebrate in its 50th anniversary year.

During the club’s formative years in the 1970s, their young boxers won the Best Club award at the Ulster Championships held at the (now demolished) King George VI Hall in May Street, central Belfast .

And still today, nearly 50 years after that groundbreaking success for the Higginson Cup’s top club, the honors continue to roll off Trinity’s production line.

The Turf Lodge club have just won no less than 8 Ulster titles and the best club in the championships, their boxers battling fierce opposition to finish as the top team after a fortnight of intensive competition at the Corpus Christi gymnasium.

Ulster champions Aleesha Deronja, Gerard Flynn, Johnny Doherty, Jude Molyneaux, Conal Burns, Logan Rice, Kyle Smith and Summer Fleming were warmly welcomed by their coaches and teammates at their Norglen Gardens base on Monday night.

The club finished with eight golds and two silvers over the past two weekends. Unfortunately, Mark Dawson had to forfeit his final due to injury.

“I would like to express special thanks to the coaches who are mostly also the parents of the club’s children,” said club coach Michael Hawkins.

“Their work has helped to maintain the high standards at the club. With our membership of the club as high as it is, it is important that we get all the help we can and that all parents of champions coach or work in the club. This keeps the club constantly in the limelight.

“We would also like to mention Tommy Fleming who has taken charge of our strength and conditioning this season. He has worked with the whole team three nights a week and his work with the boxers has been invaluable.”

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