Holy trinity

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin to lead midweek Lenten prayer

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Elgin will be offering “Looking to God’s Abundance: A Lenten Word and Prayer Service” during the midweek Lenten Prayer at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays.

Lent is a season of repentance, turning to God and asking for God’s goodness to wash away your sins and show you how to live again.

Lent also turns you towards Easter and the abundant life that God will provide through the Three Days.

This midweek Lenten service turns us to God’s abundance by focusing on five divine attributes: faithfulness, mercy, compassion, forgiveness and love. Each service is designed for sustained reflection on the text in the context of contemplative prayer, readings, silence and song.

The Word and Prayer Service of “All Creation Sings,” the new hymn supplement for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is the format for this service.

You will be invited during the five services to experience prayer through all the senses.

Following the invitation to prayer, each service describes five different ways to pray: Visio Divina (faith) on March 9, sung prayer (mercy) on March 16, bidding prayer (compassion) on March 23, prayer with movement (forgiveness) on April 30, and prayer with unction (love) on April 6.

You are welcome at the church, 357 Division Street in Elgin. Please wear a mask.

For information, visit www.sainttrinityelgin.com Where www.facebook.com/HolyTrinityElgin.