Holy trinity

Holy Trinity High gets J$2 million intervention boost

Holy Trinity Secondary School in Kingston, Jamaica has received a massive boost for its academic intervention program with a J$2 million donation from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

The donation included seven desktop computers, 30 tablets and 100 access keys to literacy software.

Over the past six years, the Academic Intervention Program (AIP), which began as a simple extraction exercise to identify and support students to read below the required high school level, has evolved into a program tailor-made with designated personnel.

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The specialized attention of the program had a significant impact on the development of the selected students. However, it is more complex than meets the eye.

“We have students who got into reading at grade 3 level in 2016, and within a year we were able to get them up to reading at grade 5 level,” said school principal Holy Trinity, Father Carl F Clarke. “We have students who arrived in reading in the 2nd year, and in one year, we made them pass in reading in the 5th year, that is to say three levels in one year”, specifies the director.

“Now consider the student who got into reading at the 2nd grade level, that is, a 12 or 13 year old student who reads at the 7th grade level, and we were able to take him to the 5th grade level, but it’s not just about reading. There are all kinds of dynamics and other skills that need to be taught that wouldn’t have been taught because they couldn’t read. Now you have to teach them those skills and after teaching them those skills we are able to move those students into two or three subjects. I think it’s a commendable feat,” Fr. Clarke continued.

Why PwC chose to support Holy Trinity

According to Gail Moore, Partner and Head of Environment at PwC Jamaica, investments in non-traditional institutions such as Holy Trinity Secondary School are key to building an equitable nation.

“Investment is a national imperative. This is not only a benefit for the students, for their families. It’s something for all of Jamaica. The longer we can keep students in the classrooms and off the streets, the better off everyone will be. When you think about it, education provides a foundation for development, the foundation upon which much of our economic and social well-being rests. Therefore, we must take an active role in ensuring that all of our children have access to and can obtain a value-added education.

Moore also shared that the donation, which stems from the combined generosity of PwC Jamaica’s partners, staff and business, is the start of a much larger vision.

“The plan isn’t just to give away just seven desktops this year. The plan is to build this computer room,” Moore said. “So it’s not just about looking at one section. how can we improve How can we make things better at Holy Trinity And we hope the students take care of the computers Not just thinking about themselves and their current classmates but looking at the people that come behind them and ensure that they too can benefit.

Father Clarke expressed his deep gratitude for the partnership with PwC Jamaica. “It is so wonderful that Jamaican society, through PricewaterhouseCoopers, has continued to partner with us. The donations that PricewaterhouseCoopers have provided to our institution, I believe, will only help us continue to grow our what we’re trying to do here at Holy Trinity High School,” Father Clarke said.

“Very often some of our students who are in AIP need individualized and individual attention. The discussion or the group meeting is not enough. So, through this Scholastic Literacy Pro program that PricewaterhouseCoopers is helping us implement here at our school, our students will be able to get that individualized, one-on-one attention when they log on to the computer. And because they interact with the curriculum, which the teacher couldn’t have done, PricewaterhouseCoopers helped us do that for 100 students. We are very grateful,” Father Clarke concluded.