Holy rosary

Holy Rosary to celebrate Catholic Schools Week, from January 31 to February 31. 5 – Detroit Lakes Grandstand

Students and staff at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Detroit Lakes will celebrate National Catholic Schools Week starting this Sunday, January 31 and ending on Friday, February 5, with a series of fun events held throughout the week. week.

The schedule will be as follows:

  • Sunday, January 31: Celebrating Our Parish Day, with opening Masses at 9 a.m. (for families with names beginning with AL) and 11 a.m. (for families with names beginning with MZ). Students of the Holy Rosary will lead the service.
  • Monday, February 1: Let’s celebrate our nation with “Comfy Cozy Day”. Students and staff are encouraged to wear pyjamas, tracksuits, slippers or whatever else they feel most comfortable in – but don’t forget to bring sneakers for gym class! The day’s program begins at 8:15 am with morning prayers, followed by a short presentation on the TeacHaiti project (teacheraiti.org). Students from each class will then compete throughout the week with “Penny Wars” to raise funds for TeacHaiti. There will be movies in each class beginning at 1 p.m., with popcorn provided by the Holy Rosary Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO).
  • Tuesday, February 2: Celebrate our families with “Country Western Day”. Students and staff are encouraged to “dress up” in jeans, flannels and boots. Afternoon classes will each include a craft session for students to make something for their families.
  • Wednesday, February 3: Let’s celebrate our community with “Hat Day”. Hats of all shapes and sizes are encouraged (although they must be removed for Mass and during lunch). Afternoon classes will work on suncatcher valentines to deliver to local nursing home residents and school volunteers.
  • Thursday, February 4: Celebrate our students with “Crazy Hair/Incompatibility Day”. Mismatched clothes and “crazy” hairstyles are the order of the day. Trait awards will be presented to all students at 8:15 a.m. after morning prayers. The afternoon session will consist of a scavenger hunt, with each cohort of students forming a team.
  • Friday, February 5: Celebrate our teachers, staff and volunteers with “Class Choice Day”. Each class will choose their own dress-up theme for the day. Morning prayers will focus on faculty, staff and volunteers. The afternoon session will feature “choice” activities voted on by each class.

There will also be ongoing activities throughout the week such as “Spirit Olympics” games during gym class, a “riddle pot” in each class, Q&As about school each morning, competition “Penny Wars” mentioned above between classes and a visit to each class by the school superintendent, Father Chuck Huck, who will speak about vocations.
For more information about Holy Rosary Catholic School, visit the website at www.holyrosarycs.org. For more information on Catholic Schools Week, visit the National Catholic Educational Association website at ncea.org/csw.