Holy cross

Holy Cross United Methodist Church opens maze in Stockton

The Holy Cross United Methodist Church dedicated its new labyrinth on Sunday.

The project, which has been in preparation for over two years, is now open to all members of the community to experience it.

“I’ve been through them a few times and you can really get out of all your stress and tension,” said Gary Pope-Sears, pastor of Holy Cross United Methodist Church.

Whether considered something religious or not, labyrinths are well known to relate to the exploration of meditation, and are often used for rituals or ceremonies, Pope-Sears refers to as a “spiritual walk. “

Once just an idea is now a reality come true for the community. The labyrinth is a place for creativity and the emergence of new ideas, he said.

The space was blessed Sunday by Pope-Sears with anointing oil and with two prayers, one in English and one in Tongan.

Even though the maze has some similarities to a labyrinth, it should not be confused with one. The maze is meant to help people find peace or find answers to their unanswered questions.

Sione Latu Manumanu, a lay leader from Holy Cross United Methodist Church, said it took about a month to complete the project. He and his team of landscapers made sure it was spacious enough for several people to move around comfortably at the same time.

Sybella Pope-Sears, wife of Pastor Gary Pope-Sears, was also involved in the maze project process. She is particularly excited to bring more elements of nature around the labyrinth.

“I’m excited to plant the trees because the trees are important and with all the weather,” she said. “The more trees the better, but they should be blooming all summer and into fall and it should be a nice space and I’m just really excited about that. They’re approaching. God and us too.

For more information visit: https://www.holycrossumc.us/

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