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Holy Cross Family Ministries Suggests Six Steps To Foster More Family Prayer

Create a sacred space in your home, have family members take turns leading the prayer, and establish a prayer routine with your family.

These are among the six simple steps suggested by Holy Cross Family Ministries in North Easton as ways to help families engage in prayer, especially during the Advent and Christmas seasons.

“As we wind down 2020, Holy Cross Family Ministries wants to encourage families to take the time to reflect and rejoice in prayer,” a press release said. “There is no right or wrong when it comes to praying with your family.”

Here are the six steps to promote family prayer:

– Create a sacred space wherever you are: “At home with your family, light a candle, place your family Bible or a picture of the Holy Family on the coffee table. If you find yourself in your vehicle on the way, lower the windows and give everyone a deep breath of fresh air. Wherever you are in this busy life, slow down long enough to welcome the presence of God.

– Take turns leading the prayer: “If anyone is charged with leading grace, he will hold your whole family to account. Turn off the days and include your kids! Give them the opportunity to experience the immense humility of helping your family start a meal. by first recognizing the many blessings of God.

– Routine: “It’s about getting used to. Once Grace is in your family’s routine, you will notice your children will remind you of it if you ever forget to pray. Don’t let the location deter you from praying together! spend time with your family near and far by making a schedule to do so often throughout the season. Engage together through a video call or just hook up and establish that you’ll all be doing it at the same time.

– Include special intentions: “Invite everyone to pray for the hopes, sorrows or joys that weigh on their hearts.” When praying as a family from a distance, choose a single intention that each family can conjure up. “Sharing these intentions helps your family connect on a deeper level as you remember the struggles or excitement each person went through that day and allow you to come together to pray for them. “

– Choose a prayer candle: “Place a prayer candle on your table and each time it is lit, encourage your family to see it as a reminder that Christ our light is with you in prayer. It is a great way to connect in prayer with loved ones who can dine in another house, connecting the candle to the meal serves as a reminder that although you may not be together physically, you can share the same experience.”

– Try again: “Grace before meals will not be perfect every time.” There will be distractions, profuse whining, regrettable eye rolls and sometimes disheartening exchanges. recognize the spiritual growth of your family. “

This Advent and Christmas season “may be different from years past,” the Holy Cross Family Ministries press release said.

“A loved one may no longer be with us, you may practice social distancing or live too far from loved ones to reunite safely,” he said. “Any family, near or far, can come together in prayer and amazing things can happen! Remember, the family that prays together stays together.”

The phrase “the family that prays together stays together” was popularized by Father of the Holy Cross Patrick Peyton, known around the world as the “Priest of the Rosary”.

He pioneered Catholic media in the 1940s, using radio and later television to produce popular programs featuring Hollywood stars and other celebrities to promote family prayer.

Father Peyton, a candidate for holiness who was declared “venerable” by Pope Francis on December 18, 2017, founded Holy Cross Family Ministries in 1942. Ministries include Family Rosary, Family Theater Productions, Father Peyton Family Institute and Family Rosary International.

“Families have changed considerably” since 1942, but “one thing that has not changed is that families still have the same innate desire for a relationship with the living God,” said Father de Sainte- Croix Willy Raymond, who is president of the family of ministries.

“As families seek to grow in faith in these difficult times, we are providing many new and relevant prayer resources for them to serve them in this growing digital world,” he said. “We have evolved to better meet the needs of families and our new look helps them see and understand the oneness between all of our ministries and all we have to offer them.”

In October, Holy Cross Family Ministries unveiled a new logo and branding to “better connect with contemporary families”.

The design of the new logo focuses on the 10 beads of a dozen rosaries, representing “totality” and “unity”. The beads are arranged in a circle and each bead is designed to symbolize the praying family. The circle also recalls three symbolic flowers of Mary: the rose, the lily and the iris.

The elements of the new logo taken together radiate outwards, giving “a feeling of welcome and invitation”.