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Holy Cross Crusaders Wear Funky Socks For Beloved Classmate – Kingston News

The students and staff of Holy Cross Secondary School (HCSS) are going to “Knock Your Socks Off” in a funky way on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, in honor of a beloved member of the Crusader community.

Emma Jenkins, a grade 11 student, woke up on the morning of Monday, January 31, 2022 and suffered a stroke affecting half of her body and face. She was airlifted to SickKids Hospital in Toronto for treatment.

Emma Jenkins is an 11th grade Crusader known for her quick wit and smile. Photos submitted.

The Sick Kids medical team discovered that Emma had previously suffered several minor strokes and was diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, a rare, chronic and progressive disease that affects the arteries of the brain.

The term “moyamoya” is Japanese and refers to a puff of smoke or a cloud. In people with Moyamoya disease, this is how blood vessels appear in their brain scans. People with Moyamoya disease suffer from a narrowing of these blood vessels which leads to blockages and can eventually cause ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke and seizures.

Treatment involves managing symptoms with medication or surgery.

A GoFundMe account was set up by a family friend to help Emma’s mother Lori with “travel, food, necessities, lost work and other expenses”. The page also explains that after learning of her diagnosis, Emma, ​​who is known for her “huge heart and beautiful smile,” donated blood to help further research into the disease, “proving…what strong, beautiful and kind heart she has despite the struggle she endures… Despite everything, Emma is determined to keep smiling… Even if her body struggles to let it.

Emma is a “student who adds a spark of energy to [the Holy Cross] community,” says Terri Daniel, Director of HCSS.
“She brings daily presence to Ms Burt every morning and has been known to stick her tongue out (despite masking) at those friends she meets in the hallways. You can see his smile in his eyes. When we learned of her stroke last Monday morning, we began to pray for her and her family. Knock Your Socks off for Emma day will raise funds to support the family as Emma receives care and rehabilitation, but also incorporates the fun, into the colorful socks that Emma enjoys. We hope Emma can see the support she has in her school community and in the Algonquin and Lakeshore School Board in general.

An update from GoFundMe to Tuesday, February 8, 2022 explains that Emma has regained movement in her body and face and was able to return home over the weekend. Additionally, “Doctors told Lori that when they see someone presenting with a stroke like Emma’s, they usually have to stay in the hospital longer and are then sent to a center.” rehabilitation. This shows how strong Emma is!

Holy Cross student council poster for Knock Your Socks Off for Emma. Image submitted.

Wearing colorful, fun and crazy socks and sharing them on social media has become a tradition on World Down Syndrome Day. The idea celebrates people with Down syndrome and the many ways they can brighten our world – they’re not meant to be hidden away, they’re meant to be conversation starters and raise awareness.

Holy Cross Student Council held a fundraiser to go along with their funky socks on Wednesday. This includes “Toonie for Non-Uni” – where students pay two dollars to ditch their uniforms for the day and all students and staff are encouraged to wear “Funky Socks”.

The motto of the Holy Cross is “Once Crusader, Always Crusader”, and the school community hopes that current and former Crusaders, as well as members of the community at large, support Emma and Lori with Emma’s healthcare costs. Visit the GoFundMe page here.