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Holy Cross Academy honors the Class of 2020

By Teresa Makin

RUMSON — Friday, June 5, marked the graduation of Holy Cross Academy’s eighth grade class of 2020. Most years it was held in a standing room church filled with family, friends and loved ones. teachers. This year has been very different, but no less poignant for the parents and teachers of the graduates, and the graduates themselves, many of whom have shared the halls and classrooms of Holy Cross since preschool.

This year’s Baccalaureate Mass, celebrated by Holy Cross Pastor, Fr. Michael Manning, was offered outdoors. Each graduate sat in their family car, with the event broadcast live for viewing by extended family and the school community. After Mass, Principal Dr. Mark DeMareo gave the talk and advised his students, “I challenge you to be responsible enough to fix the little things that seem to keep you from being and doing your best, and to be respectful enough to always say, “Thank you” and “I appreciate that” to everyone who helps you achieve these life milestones… Holy Cross School Class of 2020, you are all a story waiting to be told, so write a good story.

Student Council President Sophia Ramos concluded her speech to her class by commenting, “Dear classmates, you all have so much potential, and I’m so excited to see what awaits you in the future. I know you will all continue to do amazing things based on the character you have built and developed here at Holy Cross. I wish you all good luck. I will end my message with this quote from Joshua 1:9, ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not get discouraged. Do not be afraid, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. May each of us step forward now and have a positive impact. Congratulations to the class of 2020. We did it!”

The talented class of 2020 will attend some of the best high schools in the region. Eleven young men will attend Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, while six young women will attend Trinity Hall in Tinton Falls and two will attend Red Bank Catholic. Gavin Rudnick will attend the Marine Academy of Science and Technology in Sandy Hook, and Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School and Henry Hudson Regional High School are also future homes for this year’s Holy Cross graduates.

A treasured tradition at Holy Cross Academy is the thank you letter each graduate writes to their mother for the life and education she sacrificed and prioritized to provide. It was a tradition that didn’t need to be changed for the pandemic. Below are some excerpts from those letters, which show the students’ gratitude to their parents and their school, which formed so much of their childhood experience.

Dear Mom,

“Thank you for investing so much in my education. Without it, I wouldn’t be the student I am today and probably wouldn’t have entered Trinity Hall. By sending me to St. much closer to God. Thank you for sending me to a school where they value our faith and find it so important. Thank you for teaching me to be the best version of myself and that I can do anything I You are always at my sports games, and you encourage me to want to do better. You are my role
role model, and you inspire me to challenge myself and work hard to achieve my goals…”
—Sophie Ramos

“Thank you very much for allowing me to go to Sainte-Croix. I learned so much from this school and I owe it all to you and dad. I learned so much at Sainte-Croix, from tying my shoes to dissecting a frog. If it wasn’t for you and dad, I wouldn’t be the young man I grew up. Thank you for always being there to pick me up when I fall. You have given me the courage to try new things and taught me what is right and what is wrong. Thanks for always supporting me! I really owe all my knowledge and success to you and dad.
—William Keegan

“Thank you for sending me to Sainte-Croix. Sainte-Croix gave me so many opportunities. Since attending Holy Cross, my faith has grown. My relationship with God has become stronger. I have more interest in attending mass than before coming here. Holy Cross made me a better student and gave me the tools I need for high school. Without Holy Cross, I wouldn’t have the confidence in my academic work that I do now. Holy Cross made me want to always strive to do my best. I’m super excited to start a new chapter in high school, but I’m sad about the end of my time at Holy Cross. I can’t wait to live all the new adventures that I will undertake.
—Allison Urbanski

“Thank you so much for sending me to Holy Cross Academy. I’ve loved this place ever since I came here in kindergarten. My faith and personality have grown a lot over the years. If you don’t hadn’t sent me to Holy Cross Academy, I wouldn’t be as prepared for high school as I am now. I’m very excited to be going to high school in the fall, and I’m sure you will too. I’m also very excited to attend all the mother son activities they have at ABC I know you will play the same role as when I was at Holy Cross Academy I am so grateful to have a mother like you.
—Duncan Straine

The mission of Holy Cross Academy is to educate the next generation of Catholic leaders with the love and teachings of Christ as our guide. They are dedicated to providing a stimulating and dynamic learning environment, in which students grow intellectually, spiritually and physically, so that they can fully experience the people God created them to be.

For more information on admissions for the 2020-21 academic year, please visit www.hcarumson.org or contact [email protected]

Middletown’s Gavin Rudnick, a Holy Cross student since preschool, will attend the Marine Academy of Science and Technology.

Student council president Sophia Ramos of Rumson addressed her class at the graduation. A student of Sainte-Croix since the second year, she will attend Trinity Hall.

Allison Urbanski from Highlands, a student of Holy Cross since fourth grade, will attend Trinity Hall.

Duncan Straine of Rumson, a Holy Cross student since preschool, will attend Christian Brothers Academy.