Holy spirit

Gift of the Holy Spirit connects people to Christ, says Pope Francis in audience

VATICAN CITY – Every Christian is unique because the Holy Spirit inspires something new and original in each person, creating “an endless field of holiness,” Pope Francis said.

“The one God, the Trinity of love, allows the variety of witnesses to flourish – all are equal in dignity, but also unique in the beauty that the Spirit wanted to express in each of those whom the mercy of God made his children, the pope said on March 17 during his weekly general audience.

During the audience broadcast live from the library of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis concluded his series of talks on prayer by viewing prayer as a relationship with the Holy Trinity, in particular with the Holy Spirit.

“The first gift of all Christian existence is the Holy Spirit,” he said. It is the key gift, essential because without the Holy Spirit, “there is no relationship with Christ and with the Father”.

The Spirit opens the human heart to the presence of Christ “and draws it into that ‘vortex’ of love which is the very heart of God,” he said.

The Holy Spirit “dwells in us; it is he who transforms us profoundly and makes us experience the moving joy of being loved by God as his true children ”, declared the Pope.

The Spirit writes the history of the church and the world, he said, and “we are open pages, available to receive his writing.”

“In each of us, the Spirit composes original works for there is never a Christian who is completely identical to another”, creating a vast and flourishing “field of holiness”.

The church invites the faithful to invoke the Holy Spirit every day, to make Christ present so that he can guide and transform his disciples, he added.

Calling on the Spirit for support and inspiration is important, especially when one has not prayed for a long time, lost the desire to pray or recites prayers “like a parrot”, without depth of feeling or faith , did he declare.

“This is the time to say to the Spirit: ‘Come. Come, Holy Spirit and warm my heart. Come, teach me to pray, teach me to look to the Father, the son, teach me the way of faith, teach me to love, and above all, teach me to have an attitude of hope. ‘”

“If Christ were only a long way off in time, we would be alone and lost in the world,” Pope Francis said, but with the Spirit, “the possibility of meeting Christ is open to Christians at all times and from any place “.

Christians must “keep alive that flame” of the Holy Spirit, of the love of God, in their hearts, the Pope said, in the same way that the lamp beside the tabernacle remains on “even when the church is closed. empty and darkness falls, even when the church is closed. “

“No one sees it, yet it burns before the Lord,” he said. “This is how the Spirit is in our heart, always present like this lamp.”