Holy trinity

For those I love, share the mighty movie ‘Holy Trinity’

For those I love shared a powerful and poignant film “Holy Trinity” exploring the themes of David Balfe’s debut album centered on the tracks “I Have A Love”, “The Myth / I Don’t” and “You Live / No One Like You” The 17-minute film once again sees David Balfe take the reach of Irish hip hop to new heights.

The collaboration between Balfe and filmmaker Hugh Mulhern addresses the power of empathy, love and community in times of loss, these sons are reunited via the spirit of football with Tolka Park, the home of the Shels well- loved by Balfe, never far from sight.

“For me, collaboration has always been based on trust. Much of this project has been spent sharing memories of my life on Zoom and listening to Hugh share his. This is the lifeblood, where trust is built, and I’m glad it is. I feel like we’ve helped each other see the world again. It was this confidence that laid the foundation for patience and comfort on the set. This confidence took away the fear of sharing this pain on film. This confidence has helped me feel loved while still being a subject, not the easiest thing to do. This confidence is what I’m most proud of here. As the myth goes, this album’s public presence dates back to Hugh. How beautiful it is to come full circle and complete this record together. “

“My intention with this film is to provide the same space for mourning. Although the album is about Paul, I wanted to provide a larger context of loss in the film. On a personal level, it gave me something huge. My Uncle Kieran appears in this movie talking about my dad, Mick and my Uncle John. John left us this year and I couldn’t go home with confinement. I think grief never leaves you, it just changes shape and size. When I find it in a particularly sharp form, for those I love is something in which I have found an outlet ”, says director Hugh Mulhern (DC Fountains, Inhaler) of the 17-minute film.

“We didn’t lose Mick or John to suicide, but their deaths were a direct result of their battles with alcoholism. Our lead actor Tony Doyle was inspired by his own experience of getting sober and losing friends to suicide. It’s hard not to see how they all correlate. It’s hard not to see the impact of collective intergenerational trauma and for me not to recognize [the deaths of] Jack, John, Mick and Paul as symptoms of a deeply rooted problem in Irish society. I wanted this movie to focus on those who are left, because that is all that is left. While this piece is an exploration of pain, I wanted there to be hope in its conclusion. I believe that we can only make the world a better place than we left it by imagining it this way. “

Listen to For These I Love’s phenomenal debut album below.