Holy rosary

Feast of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Just as we are indebted to Christ to share with us in one way or another the right, which is especially his, to call God our Father and to possess him as such, we are also indebted to him for his loving generosity by sharing with us the right to call Mary our Mother and to cherish her as such. While nature herself made the mother’s name the sweetest of all names and made motherhood the very model of tender and caring love, no language is eloquent enough to express in words what feels every devout soul, knowing how intense is the flame of affection and active charity which shines in Mary, in her who is truly our mother, not humanly but through Christ.

No one knows and understands everything that concerns us as well as she does: what do we need in life; what dangers, public or private, threaten our well-being; what difficulties and what ills surround us; above all, how fierce is the fight we wage with the ruthless enemies of our salvation. In these and all other troubles of life, its power is most extensive. His desire to use it is most ardent to bring consolation, strength and help of all kinds to the children who are dear to him. Therefore, let us approach Mary with confidence, imploring her wholeheartedly by the bonds of her motherhood which unite her so closely to Jesus and at the same time to us. Let us invoke with the deepest devotion her constant help in the prayer which she herself has indicated and which is most pleasing to her. So, with good reason, we will rest our peace of mind and joy under the protection of the best mother.

Leo XIII, Magnae Dei Matris, On the Rosary and the Honor of Mary (September 8, 1892).