Holy cross

British Columbia claim fierce victory over Holy Cross

When Boston College women’s soccer entered the field on Sunday, the only thing that kept the Eagles from finishing their non-conference run with a win was a Holy Cross team that didn’t score against British Columbia. since 2003. Powered by the spirit of the underdogs, however, the Crusaders were ready to fight and entered at halftime with a lead that could reach two goals. The Eagles ultimately came out with a 5-3 win, but it was by no means the walk in the park they expected.

After Thursday night’s draw against Harvard, British Columbia (6–1–1) was bursting with momentum and was ready to face a struggling Sainte-Croix (1–7). BC came in, but the Crusaders gave BC a run for their money, maintaining a lead for much of the game. The Eagles hit back late in the second with a goal barrage and the win, but it wasn’t a comfortable win.

The first half started slowly, but the energy picked up around 13 minutes, as British Columbia had a string of shooting chances stopped by Holy Cross first-year goaltender Olivia Dubin. In the 17th minute, BC finally managed to get a shot with the net, on a rebound on Dubin’s punch. The ball hit the post and flowed over the line for a BC lead. The goal went to junior midfielder Samantha Agresti, her second goal of the season, with an assist from graduate student defender Mia Karras.

Minutes later, Holy Cross responded to BC’s goal with one of his own as junior forward Shelley Blumsack scored her first goal of the season and tied the score at 1-1.

The Eagles tried to keep the pressure on, but Dubin’s back-to-back hard-won saves kept BC from finishing in goal. The Crusaders took advantage of the disconnect and managed to take the lead just before the 30-minute mark as senior striker Olivia Ferrara fired a shot in the upper cross. At halftime, Holy Cross still maintained a 2-1 lead.

The second half started out the same as the first with little action on either side of the pitch. The Crusaders, however, ended the silence just over 13 minutes before halftime. A goal shot in the upper left corner by junior forward Katie Quinn forced the Eagles to regroup and try to regain their rhythm. The goal marked the first time in program history that Holy Cross had scored three goals in a game against British Columbia.

The Eagles spent a good chunk of the second half struggling to stay in the game, trying to increase their pressure offensively but failing several times. Finally, in the 72nd minute, graduate student and captain Jenna Bike reduced the deficit to one and put the Eagles back into the game. Just under two minutes later, Agresti shot another in the back of the net, tying the game at 3-3 and quickly changing the dynamics of the game.

As the game quickly became more competitive and the minutes dwindled, both teams were eager to regain the lead. British Columbia had a few tight calls, one of which was a goal from Bike that was called off due to an offside violation. With just over two minutes to go, Laura Gouvin broke the tension, adding another to the board for BC and putting the Eagles back in front. About a minute later, Linda Boama secured the lead for British Columbia with another goal, taking their lead to 5-3. After a tough and fiercely contested game, time finally ran out and British Columbia closed their non-conference season with another victory.

Featured Image by Molly Bruns / Heights Staff