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Brenon engraves his name in the Sainte-Croix book of records | Sports

Jada Brenon had many reasons to turn 21 with a big smile.

Exactly 2,417 of them.

Brenon, a Pendleton native, carved her name in the Holy Cross University hockey record books when she stopped 41 shots to set a new mark for career saves in a game against Northeastern on October 24 , on the very day of his 21st birthday.

“Yes, it was my 21st birthday,” Browning said with a smile. “My parents were at the game. It was a super special gift to have for my birthday for sure.”

Brenon broke the previous record of 2393 held by Jannelle DiSanto, who played for the Crusaders from 1999 to 2003.

In most cases, records tend to be more appreciated by athletes after time passes and they reflect their careers.

Brenon, who now has 2,444 saves, said that while she will certainly look back on that achievement fondly over the years, she also took a few seconds to appreciate what she was able to do in the moment.

“It’s still pretty new. It’s pretty crazy to think I’m in the record books now,” said Brenon. “It’s a testament to the program. I’ve come to a point where we are (starting) to build something special and I think we’re finally getting to a point where we can compete with all the teams in the league. so is just a little piece of history that I’m proud to have my name attached to. “

This outing also earned Brenon HC Crusader of the Week honors.

Brenon notched her first win of the season on Oct. 15 when she turned back all 25 shots she faced against Franklin Pierce.

All record performances, whatever the sport, obviously require a lot of talent. But longevity and consistency are also part of the recipe. Brenon has racked up a lot of ice time over her four years – ice time that she has worked hard to earn since the first day she entered the Holy Cross campus.

By signing with Holy Cross after a very successful career with Nichols School, Brenon was clearly seen as a staple that could help the Crusaders progress.

But Brenon knew that no matter how highly recruited she was, nothing would just be handed to her.

“It’s really very special,” she said. “Not many people have the opportunity to come and play. It just worked with Holy Cross where at the time I came here. I walked in and fought for the place and was lucky to win it. . And I’ve had some great goalkeeper partners. I’ve got Maddie Beck this year. I’m very confident in his abilities. Ultimately, it depends on who plays the best, who is the one that’s going to give the team that edge in the game. Maddie Beck has had his fair share of games this year. I’ve been lucky enough to be that guy the last few years. “

Brenon added that along with her co-keeper Sarah Street, the three keepers support and push each other to be their best.

Supporting Nichols and Bison’s teams at multiple championships over the course of his pre-varsity career, Brenon knows what it’s like to be a “silver goalie” who can succeed in a tough situation. Success not only boosted Jada’s confidence, it helped her instill in him the basics needed to create a winning atmosphere in the dressing room at Holy Cross.

“It’s definitely super special to be able to come in and have this opportunity to play right away to help build the program,” said Brenon. “It certainly makes it much nicer that it has just been compiled over years and years of hard work to build this program. It’s not just about having the record, but also having the success of our team to look back. something .

“It comes down to the saying, ‘Leave the place better than you found it.’ Senior year, we still have a long season ahead, but you get to that point where you look back and realize that yes you left it better than you found it. I’m proud of my senior class because I think we’ve done a great job turning this program into a Division I product. ”