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Adam Rick leaves Holy Trinity to become full-time university chaplain

Rick is leaving his post at Holy Trinity. Courtesy | Adam rick
Courtesy | Hillsdale College

Reverend Adam Rick has decided to leave his post as pastor at Holy Trinity Anglican Parish to become the college’s full-time chaplain.

Rick said he moved to Hillsdale in July 2016 to take on both part-time jobs. As the two departments developed, both began to need a full-time position.

“After a period of discernment with my wife and other trusted friends and mentors, I felt my gifts were best suited for college. The college was very receptive to the prospect of my coming full time, ”said Rick.

Rick’s position at Holy Trinity will be filled by Reverend Alan Crippen.

The fact that he and his family are not leaving the church has made the choice to leave his post less difficult, said Rick.

“Holy Trinity will remain my home of church,” said Rick.

This decision was difficult to make, he said, in part because of the relationships his family formed there.

“I love my ministry both on campus and at church. I love our students, and my wife and my church connections are like family, ”said Rick. “The decision was made a little easier by the thought that I wouldn’t have to leave Holy Trinity, just that my role there would change.”

Although Rick is no longer the pastor of Holy Trinity, he said he believed the move would do the Hillsdale campus a lot of good.

“I also hope to be able to oversee a bit more programmatic ministry in the form of a group of discipleship, professional training and more regular teaching outside the classroom,” said Rick. .

Rick also expressed his enthusiasm for an increase in the number of evening singing services offered at Christ Chapel and available to all students.

“Now that we have hired a new sacred music director and built a sacred choir, the number of these services offered each semester will only increase over time. It is a great joy for me to operate these services, but they require a little effort on my part to organize them, ”said Rick.

Rick said accepting the full-time job as a college chaplain would help him fulfill his calling.

“Over the past five years at Hillsdale, university ministry has become an obvious application of my special gifts, interests and skills. I can’t wait to focus more on my calling from the Lord, ”he said.

Not only does Rick think he will fulfill his call to university ministry by taking on this job full time, but he also hopes to have only one job from now on.

“Since the day I graduated from the seminary in 2009, I’ve always had at least two jobs at a time,” he said. “It will be good to put all of my energy into one place, and especially now as my family is growing and in need of special attention.”

Katherine Rick, wife of Adam Rick and assistant piano teacher and accompanist at Hillsdale College, expressed her gratitude that they are staying at Holy Trinity.

“It was a bittersweet decision. However, the bitterness is tempered by the fact that we do not leave the Holy Trinity. Our role is changing, for sure, but we don’t say goodbye to our friends, ”said Katherine Rick.

Katherine Rick said one of her fondest memories of Holy Trinity was when there were multiple baptisms on a particular Easter Sunday.

“There was one Easter in particular where we had five adult baptisms at the same time. It has been a privilege to see the Spirit move in a powerful way through this church, transforming lives, healing relationships, deepening maturity, calling people to more sacrifice and obedience, ”said Katherine Rick.

Second student Andrew Buonincontro said he often saw Rick on campus helping many students in their walk with God.

“I often see him sitting one-on-one with students at lunch. It’s nice to see that he’s invested in the spiritual well-being of the students, ”said Buonincontro.

Rick agreed with his wife that this was a most bittersweet decision to make because of the opportunities he has been able to participate in through his ministry.

“Celebrating Holy Week services is also a huge joy for me, probably one of the major aspects of my ministry at Holy Trinity that I will miss the most,” said Rick.

Rick said he was grateful for the opportunities the Lord presented to him.

“I have presided over weddings and funerals, prepared families for baptism and confirmation, and welcomed many new children into the parish family. I have guided my people through such times and beyond at lunches, in lounges and on walks, ”said Rick. “It is a real privilege to be invited into people’s lives in this way, and I consider it a real blessing to have been able to do so in recent years.”

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