Holy rosary

Holy Rosary leads the way for repair and 40-acre redevelopment plan

The Lafayette Holy Rosary Institute redevelopment board on Tuesday ushered in a long-awaited effort to restore a historic part of the city’s black community. With $ 4.5 million in public funding and an additional $ 450,000 from the National Park Service, the Holy Rosary Redevelopment Board is embarking on a three-phase plan to revitalize the […]

Holy spirit

The Holy Spirit and Christmas | The Guardian Nigeria News

For the Christmas season this year, we will be examining the role of the Holy Spirit in the realization of Christ, the reality and the essence of Christmas. As we know, the Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity, who carries out all of God’s plans and purposes. From Creation until the end […]

Holy cross

Holy Cross Family Ministries Suggests Six Steps To Foster More Family Prayer

Create a sacred space in your home, have family members take turns leading the prayer, and establish a prayer routine with your family. These are among the six simple steps suggested by Holy Cross Family Ministries in North Easton as ways to help families engage in prayer, especially during the Advent and Christmas seasons. “As […]

Holy trinity

COVID doesn’t stop pyrohy makers at Holy Trinity Church

They’ve been pinching pyrome since 1958 at Holy Trinity Church YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — The coronavirus isn’t stopping or pausing an age-old tradition in the Mahoning Valley. There’s still a lot of pyrohy being made. They pinched pyrohy since 1958 at Holy Trinity Church – 62 years old, and they are only one gender. “Well, […]