Holy trinity

New co-rectors called to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church

MANISTEE – Reverend Christian Baron of Allendale and Reverend Jodi Baron of Traverse City have been called to be the new co-rectors of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Manistee, Episcopal Diocese of West Michigan. Both Father Christian and Mother Jodi were ordained to the Holy Order of Priests in December 2014 at Grace Episcopal Church […]

Holy spirit

infomercial | Father, Son and Holy Spirit – do they make a trinity? | Remark

It is commonly accepted that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit form a Trinity; further, that the concept of the Trinity is difficult to explain but must be accepted by faith. But, does the alleged difficulty in explaining it really expose us to adopting questionable ideas that might be damaging to accept? First […]

Holy trinity

Holy Trinity School – Mountainside, NJ Directory

Holy Trinity School has been a religious educational resource serving local communities since 1916. As a 2011 United States Department of Education Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and an accredited mid-state school operating under the auspices of the school system in the Archdiocese of Newark, the school emphasizes the values ​​of our faith and continually […]