Holy spirit

3 Ways We Experience the Holy Spirit

Shutterstock.com The apostle Peter promises those who repent and are baptized that they will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38). The Bible tells us, “Flesh begets flesh, but the Spirit begets the spirit. You shouldn’t be surprised that I say to you, “You must be born again.” The wind blows where it […]

Holy rosary

Tacoma’s Holy Rosary Church listed as endangered

If there was a list of endangered species for historic buildings, the Holy Rosary Church in Tacoma would surely be there. It turns out to be sort of the case, and on Saturday the nearly 100-year-old church is listed. The church, which obtained a stay of execution from the Archdiocese of Seattle in October, has […]

Holy spirit

Don’t you know much about the Holy Ghost? The new “school” aims to change that

Baptized and Confirmed Catholics have received special gifts, but many leave them “on the shelf unpacked.” This is what Father Michael Becker says, who aims to help more Catholics receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The rector of the seminary of St. John Vianney College in St. Paul, Father Becker teaches a 12-week course […]

Holy trinity

Holy Trinity welcomes Spirit of Mardi Gras | Community News

Holy Trinity Church will hold its eighth annual “Spirits of Mardi Gras” tasting to help support parish youth programs. Last year, this event raised more than $35,000 for parish youth programs and scholarships. Holy Trinity hopes to exceed that amount this year. Funds raised will benefit Holy Trinity youth ministry programs in three ways. The […]

Holy spirit

An unlikely place for a lesson on the Holy Spirit: In the back of a taxi – USA

The back of a cab seems like an unlikely place to take a lesson in the Holy Spirit, but that’s what happened one night after a girls’ night out with two of my Catholic friends. I was in DC for a vacation and they met me after work for wine and pizza. The three of […]